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Dragon's Dogma 2 Mountain Shrine Sphinx riddles and answers

How to get all the Sphinx's treasures without messing up

Dragon's Dogma 2's mountain shrine sphinx leaning in after the character answers the Riddle of Madness
Image credit: Capcom

The Dragon’s Dogma 2 Sphinx riddles at the Mountain Shrine are probably the ones you’ll encounter first, and they’re a devious bunch of brain twisters. One is literal to an almost ridiculous degree, though some are so vague and misleading that it’s almost impossible to know what the Sphinx is after, especially if you don’t frequent the Rift often.

Our Dragon’s Dogma 2 mountain shrine Sphinx riddles guide explains what you need to solve each riddle and the best order to do them in.

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Dragon’s Dogma 2 Morthern Shrine Sphinx riddles

You can tackle the riddles in any order, but we’ve listed them in the order that makes your life easier. Make sure to visit a Riftstone of Fellowship before setting out for the shrine, and recruit a Pawn with the name SphinxMother, SphinxFather, or SphinxParent. You’ll save time and a Portcrystal if you do.

We also recommend completing the Riddle of Madness before the Riddle of Conviction.

Dragon's Dogma 2: How to find Mountain Shrine

Your first visit to the Mountain Shrine follows a long and winding road through a mountain and possibly around a big, deadly fight you don't want to get involved in. The shrine is north of the checkpoint rest town, and the only open path is behind the ancient battlefield. I found a drake and a cyclops fighting there, and at level 25 or under, that double feature isn't a fight you can win.

Ignore them, and head northwest into the ruins. Skeletons call these halls their home, though they're comparatively simple to deal with. Just make sure you crush their skulls to finish them off for good.

Make your way up through the old fortress and onto the roof, dealing with goblins as quickly as you can so as not to attract the cyclops and drake. At the top, you'll find another cyclops - one with a mask this time. Attack the mask repeatedly to destroy it, and then defeat the monster as you would any of its kind.

The path behind and above it leads you to World's End Cave, which is basically just a long tunnel full of bandits. There's a campsite inside as well, in case you need a rest.

This tunnel spits you out at the shrine corridor, which is literally just a corridor, and that passageway dumps you at the shrine where the Sphinx awaits.

On your way back from the shrine, take a right on the steps leading away from the Sphinx and follow the Guerco Mountain Road. It's full of harpies, so use fire attacks if you have them Turn right - or west, to be precise - when you actually find the road, and it'll eventually lead you to a locked door, which you can unlock and find yourself on the southern end of the Ancient Battlefield. This path is a much faster, safer way back to the shrine.

Dragon’s Dogma 2 Riddle of Widsom – A Sphinx’s Parent

  • The parent knows the child, yet the reverse is far from true. The child knows not the parent: such is the parent's due. I am a lost child; for kinship do I yearn. So bring to me my "Parent" that I might better learn.

This one is tricky, especially if you haven’t paid much attention to Pawn names in certain Rifts. The Sphinx means what she says literally, and you’ll see why if you enter a Riftstone of Fellowship. The nearest one is just north of the checkpoint rest town. Riftstones of Fellowship contain Pawns with special names, and that includes Pawns that Capcom specially made for this riddle – SphinxMother, SphinxFather, and SphinxParent. In my experience, there’s at least one of those each time you visit a Rift of Fellowship, so you should have little trouble finding them.

Just make sure you find them first, before visiting the shrine. Otherwise, it’s quite a trek back to the Sphinx, or you’ll have to waste a Portcrystal on a location you likely won’t visit again.

You get 1,200 Rift Crystals for your effort.

Dragon’s Dogma 2 Riddle of Eyes

  • Our eyes are our allies, yet oft do they betray, for eyes tell lies, so I advise, and thence do lead astray. Yet how will your eyes advise you? Venture through yonder door, and retrieve that which of greatest value

Face away from the Sphinx, walk down the steps, and turn right to find the door in question. Inside is a comparatively simple tunnel complex, with goblins, an orc in the basement, and a rotten apple in an ornate chest at the end. None of that matters, though you can certainly fight the enemies if you need some experience.

The riddle’s solution is just inside the door. Enter the tunnel. To your right is a series of stone platforms, and at the top is a chest containing a Sealing Phial. The phial lets you put anything inside, but you can think about that later. For now, go back to the Sphinx, and deliver the phial.

Your reward is a Wakestone.

Dragon’s Dogma 2 Riddle of Madness

  • Love is as twin to madness, they say. They are bound fast, as night is to day. So bring forth your most beloved to me, that I might gauge the depth of your insanity.

The quickest way to handle this riddle is to grab your Main Pawn and place them on the dais in front of the Sphinx. The Sphinx makes a comment about being surprised there’s only one beloved, and while you could find the NPC with the highest affinity and present them as well, it doesn’t matter. You get the chest all the same.

Inside is a Portcrystal, Dragon’s Dogma-speak for portable waypoints you can plunk down and fast travel to.

Dragon’s Dogma 2 Riddle of Conviction

  • Life is an enigma--a lender of mortal debt. Yet lighter pack makes fleeter foot and challenge nimbly met. So grant to me what you most prize, and hence elude your ponderous demise

This one is a bit deceptive. There’s no way to quantify what item you prize most in the game, and the Sphinx has no special way to figure out if you’re lying. Just give her an item you want to duplicate – a Portcrystal, for example, though you could choose the Jadeite Orb if you want to be particularly ethical (you don't, trust me) – and you’ll get a second one for your trouble.

Dragon’s Dogma 2 Riddle of Rumination

  • It's ever the first we keep fond in our breast, and ever the first that eclipses the restYou know of Seeker's Tokens, I trust? Those keepsakes of a fondly remembered journey? Yet where it was that you found your first? Retrace your steps, if you can--you might make a new discovery

The Rumination riddle isn’t really a riddle, since the Sphinx just tells you to hoof it back to where you found your first Seeker’s Token. You have seven in-game days to do it and return with what you find. A Finder’s Token awaits younce you reach the destination, and you can use the Trickster’s “Detection” skill to point out the location in the general area if you’re having trouble.

There’s no foolproof way to find where you located your first Seeker’s Token, so… hopefully you remember.

The final chest contains three Ferrystones.

You might be wondering about the large, golden chest, but you’ll have to wait before you can get your hands on it. The Sphinx holds the key, and the only way to get it is through defeating her in combat – which you don’t want to do yet. Grab hold of her for a fast journey to the Frontier Shrine, or find it yourself and finish the riddle game.

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