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Attention Dragon's Dogma 2 moaners, Capcom's asking for your probably terrible additional DLC pitches, well, sort of

It also wants to get an idea of what you'd fancy paying for those potential add-ons that might arrive down the line.

Dragon's Dogma 2
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Oi, you. If you're one of the folks who've had a bit of a moan about Dragon's Dogma 2's DLC, as we're all perfectly entitled to do about any game, now's your chance to tell Capcom what you might like it to do when it comes to additional DLC that could arrive for the game.

Yep, a games company is asking you for input on a game, try not let all of the power go to your head at once. This is actually something Capcom, it its credit, does pretty regularly, having previously asked about the likes of Resident Evil remakes and classic Capcom IPs such as Dead Rising. Whether much ends up coming of your input is another thing, but it's nice to feel heard at least.

You can find the fresh survey about DD2 here, just make sure you've set aside a bit of time first, because it's fairly chunky, although you have got until April 21 to fill it out. The bit you probably care the most about is on the third and fourth pages of it, once you've gotten through answering stuff like how you heard about the game and what you've thought of it so far.

After politely enquiring you whether you'd "be interested in purchasing DLC for Dragon's Dogma 2 if additional contents were to be released", the survey then asks a couple of more specific follow-ups, depending on your answer. If you say yes, a nice box appears asking you "what contents you would like to see in additional DLC for Dragon's Dogma 2", whereas if you answer that it depends on the price, you get, er, a list of potential prices, ranging from "up to $9.99" to "more than $50.00", so you can say what you think's reasonable.

I'm sure the fact people have just been moaning at Capcom, arguably a little bit too hard, about the bunch of DLCs that the game launched with, will have no impact on those results. Though, the what you'd like to see from DLC question might have a better time. All the people who've blazed through it as uncomfortably fast as you have to for review, even though they're under no time constraints, can list the many things they think the game needs more or less of, while people who're being a bit more leisurely can chip in some suggestions.

Some have already started doing so on Reddit, and, er no folks, you need to stick it in the box on the survey, not on there. To be honest though, since "contents" is a vague nothing word that can mean anything, I think you should just give Capcom a full-on story pitch for an expansion.

I've put that I want a DLC where every pawn in the game collectively rebels against every Arisen and throw us all to our doom, as revenge for us doing that to them sometimes if we think they've got Dragonsplague. Like Star Wars' Order 66, but with more hangtime and just as many folks in robes, you know?

If you're not too busy making lucrative trips to sell fruit, let us know your equally crap ideas below.

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