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Dear cash-strapped Dragon's Dogma 2 players, a math whiz says they've worked out how you can make close to 500k gold per hour just selling fruit

There's a spreadsheet, and I can't promise it won't make your brain hurt.

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You. Yes, you. Do you need money in Dragon's Dogma 2? Well, first of all, stop getting so many haircuts, and second of all, you'll be glad to hear that one player's apparently worked out out how you can make even more money from the fruit-based cash farming method some players are employing.

Yep, if you're after an easier path to becoming a DD2 millionaire than by teaching pawns how to kill an ogre without getting pounded into pulp, it turns out that making sure folks in DD2 are easily able get their five a day is the way to go.

So, if you're out of the loop, this fruit selling exploit looks to have originated on YouTube, where creators having put together tutorials with entirely unhyperbolic titles like 'INSANE Dragon's Dogma 2 GOLD GLITCH, 300,000 PER HOUR, best money glitch so far' showing you how to do it. The basic gist is this: buy a bunch of apples and grapes in Melve, waiting a bit, then fast travelling to Bakbattal and timing that just right so that they're all ripe when you arrive and can be sold for the maximum profit.

While this method's been known to be able net around 300,000 gold per hour, once you've set it up properly and put in the startup costs necessary to do so, one Reddit user with the handle beardmosexual claims to have managed to get that all the way up to between 350,000 and 471,000 gold per hour by, as they put it, going "a wee bit overboard minmaxxing the most effective gold making method in DD2."

If you want proof that they've actually done some data analysis and aren't just talking bollocks (though, there is obviously still a chance that's the case), they've put together a big spreadsheet breaking down the numbers involved in their optimised fruit selling method and aiming to guide you through it. They've even used some colours to differentiate some boxes indicating different types of fruit selling run, the universal sign of the uber-dork.

So I might have went a wee bit overboard minmaxxing the most effective gold making method in DD2.
by u/beardmosexual in DragonsDogma

Following "about 5 or 6 hours of testing and theory crafting, including one very unfortunate inn visit", they say their ideal strategy "requires 2 port crystals, and just shy of [36,000 gold] to get started with a full run, but it then pays back about [139,000 gold], netting you over 100K in roughly 15 minutes".

Based on that average calculated revenue margin per one "full run", each of which can seemingly take place across something like 40 in-game days, they estimated that someone running the method in "casual" fashion will be able net just over 350,000 per hour - about 6,000 per minute in profit. Meanwhile, hardcore "focused" runners will seemigly have a chance to get close to 500,000 - apparently netting close to 8,000 in profit per hour.

I'll be honest, given how beefy and complex the spreadsheet is, I reckon very few non-hardcores will want to put in the effort required to understand the nuances of this method and really make it work to the max, but you're welcome to try. "There's probably some tweaking that could be done to the last few days if anyone really cares to try and min/max further, but I can't imagine it'll get any more optimized than this," beardmosexual concluded.

If you're looking for a nifty Dragon's Dogma 2 trick that's less likely to give you a headache, why not try discovering new areas of the map by casually firing stuff from a catapult.

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