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Capcom rekindles hope with survey asking fans if they want more Dead Rising, Dino Crisis, and other classic Capcom IPs

Dead Rising fans rise from their tombs, hungry for a drop of hope.

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Beware folks, the dead are rising from their graves. Thankfully, this isn't the end of the world. It's just the long-deceased dreams of Dead Rising, Dino Crisis, and other classic Capcom fans coming back from the great beyond. This horde, used to hearing nothing of their favourite franchises, have been given a rare taste of hope thanks to a recent Capcom election survey.

The survey, which you can take right now, quizes Capcom fans on their thoughts on the company and its output. However, one specific question is especially exciting, as it presents a large gallary of Capcom IPs and asks the interviewee which they'd like to see a sequel or new game for. Options include Dead Rising and Dino Crisis as mentioned before, but also other bangers like Onimusha, Sengoku Basara, Vs Capcom, and Lost Planet.

It gets even better. Capcom has obviously had a lot of success with full remakes in recent memory - just look at the excellent Resident Evil remake series! As such, this survey also asks which games fans would like to see "completely remade". There are some pretty niche picks here too - like Commando. So while one would expect the company to throw itself at some of its greatest hits, it appears the idea of smaller remake projects is also on the table.

Now while this is all very exciting, it's worth noting that surveys and small teases have come in the past, and they've not always counted for much. For example, anyone who takes this survey for themselves may have noticed Darkstalkers on this list of games you can vote in favour of getting a remake. In fact, only five months ago there was another Capcom survey that allowed players to manually note their love of Darkstalkers as an option. This is possible in spite of interviews as recent as 2022 in which the chances of a new entry have been shot down somewhat firmly.

These surveys are purely for one purpose: consumer data collection. While the survey itself may tip its hat by limiting the selection on certain questions, it's purely intended as a tempature check for sentiment around certain IPs. That being said, it does mean that if enough folks make sure to express their love for Dino Crisis here much like they've been doing online for years now, that'll certainly be making its way infront of the devs.

I, for one, relish even the faintest chance of a new Dino Crisis or Lost Planet. In the past few years Capcom has excelled at refining and enhancing its most popular franchises. Right now is the perfect time to push for it to do that with more IPs. Even if Exoprimal didn't exactly blow the roof off the industry, and Dead Rising ended on a sour note, that doesn't mean the world isn't dripping with other avenues Capcom could go HAM down.

Which Capcom IP would you like to see brought back from the Dead? Let us know below!

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