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Dragon Quest Builders 2 Soil - How to Till Ground to Make the Field Bigger

Here's our guide on how to make the field bigger in Dragon Quest Builders 2, by tilling the ground to create more space to plant crops.

At a certain point during the storyline of Dragon Quest Builders 2, once you've reached the Isle of Awakening, you'll be tasked to 'Make the Field Bigger' by a wizard. In this guide, we'll be walking you through how to till earth in Dragon Quest Builders 2, as well as how to make the field bigger in Dragon Quest Builders 2, as quickly and easily as possible.

How to Make the Field Bigger in Dragon Quest Builders 2

When you meet Rosie on Furrowfield in Dragon Quest Builders 2, you'll be tasked to get the local town back in order. One objective in this section of the game tasks you to 'Make the field bigger,' and it's not immediately obvious how to do this.

You'll meet Rosie at the local town in Furrowfield. | Hirun Cryer/USG, Square Enix

Firstly, complete the step to acquire the wheat seeds. Speak to Rosie, and she'll have you and Malroth head west, where you'll eventually encounter Britney. This newcomer lives at the top of a small tower, and once you've crafted a weapon for her, she'll accompany you back to the town to meet Rosie.

At this point, the objective of 'Make the field bigger' can be progressed. A red exclamation marker will appear over Britney shortly after she arrives back with you, signaling she has a quest to offer. Talk to her, and she'll prompt you to set out on a quest to 'Find the soil-cleaning wiggly.'

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Head to the quest marker in the north, and you'll reach two ratty characters. They'll now direct you east, to where you're going to encounter the 'soil-cleaning wiggly' in a cave. It's a big worm. Defeat the enemies surrounding the worm, and you'll rescue Wrigley the worm.

Now journey all the way back to the town with Wrigley in tow. When you get there, Rosie and the others will welcome Wrigley into the team, meaning you've completed this step of the quest, and you can now begin properly expanding the field in Dragon Quest Builders 2.

You'll need to rescue Wrigley from some monsters. | Hirun Cryer/USG, Square Enix

How to Till Earth in Dragon Quest Builders 2

Now you need to till the earth. Speak to Wrigley when he's around the scarecrow that you planted earlier in the village, and he'll say that he can till the earth around any scarecrows that you plant in the village.

So it's simple. Whenever you want to till the earth in Dragon Quest Builders 2, all you need to do is create a scarecrow at the workbench, and then go and plant it in an open space. Wrigley will then go to work in the surrounding area, leaving you free to use it for planting crops.

Speak to Wrigley back at the town. | Hirun Cryer/USG, Square Enix

But there's another step to tilling earth in Dragon Quest Builders 2. Shortly after you complete the steps above to recruit Wrigley, Rosie will have a quest available. Talk to her, and she'll give you a task to head to a small farm in the north. Here you'll find Clayton, who gives you some rather odd quest directions.

Firstly, despite Clayton asking you not to, use the nearby Workbench to craft a scarecrow, and then place it on the patch of grass in the middle of the small gated area. Next, use wooden fencing to fill in the gaps in the fence surrounding the gated area.

Once this is done, Clayton will accompany you back to the town. With Clayton recruited, you've now got a villager that will till the land for you whenever Wrigley is done flattening it for use.

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