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Dragon Quest Builders 2: Explorer's Shores guide

Alongside revamping the Isle of Awakening and battling the Children of Hargon, there are some special little islands you can visit to gather some rare items.

Once you've returned to the Isle of Awakening with your new followers from Furrowfield, Perry will ask you to fetch him a chicken. In order to get this chicken, you'll need to visit the Explorer's Shores islands.

Each island costs Gratitude to visit, which are the little hearts you gather from your friends upon completing tasks for them, harvesting food or sometimes just being near them.

The first island, Soggy Skerry, costs 50 Gratitude, and by this point, you should have close to 500 Gratitude or perhaps even more.

Upon visiting the island, you'll be provided with two checklists to complete. If you find all the harvestable items on each list, you'll get a special infinite item, such as Wood or Grass. The islands are randomised and will change each time you visit, so if you miss one you'll have to complete the whole checklist again when you return.

There are also new party members to be found on these Explorer's Shores. Some of them are people who want to join your merry band of builders and others are pets and animals, like the aforementioned chickens.

You can have up to six people in your party at any given time, so it's up to you to prioritise animals or people.

There's also a bunch of enemies on each island and some of them are very powerful, providing you with a good opportunity to increase your bond with Malroth and extend your HP.

As you progress through the story you'll unlock more Explorer's Shores, but for now, here are a few top tips.

Dragon Quest Builders 2: Explorer's Shores

Completing the item checklists will bag you some infinite rewards, though some items are a little harder to find. For example, you might need to find two types of vines that could be on the other side of the island, and you may need to scale trees in order to find individual elements.

You're looking for a Check! prompt, and you can watch for which item is checked off. They do seem to appear on the map in some kind of chronological order, so if you've missed something at the start of the checklist, your best bet is to head back to the landing zone and start again.

There are also mini-bases to be found that you can destroy but you won't learn any new recipes or collect any items from destroying furniture or blocks. However, you can recruit the island dwellers who are usually more skilled in building, which will help your base building efforts.

You can also recruit animals who can help you find items - like the dog in Furrowfield - as well as edible pals like chickens, who you can sacrifice for food or recruit to lay eggs on your new farm. Soggy Skerry is the cheaper island and where you can find the chickens, so head there first in any case.

Having infinite items means you can visit the Isle of Awakening and any further islands with a good base load of materials in tow, meaning you can construct rooms and any other necessities quite quickly.

Visiting the Explorer's Shores and base building on the Isle will help you find even better materials and recipes, so it's worth dedicating a few hours to grinding out these missions to unlock new items.

Once you've completed the first three Green Tablet challenges on the Isle, it'll give you a bunch of new ones where these newly gained resources will come in handy.

It also opens up the option for multiplayer base building. If you're looking for more rewards, then remember to complete all the Furrowfield Shrine puzzles to earn your Mini Medals.

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