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Double Fine Adventure is now Broken Age

The game which began the Kickstarter revolution finally has an official title: meet Broken Age, Double Fine's new adventure.

The point-and-click adventure tells the stories of two characters - a young boy and girl "leading parallel lives".

The girl is rebelling against her fate as village sacrifice to a monster, while the boy wants to escape the cloying care of a the computer which keeps him locked safe in a spaceship.

That's all we know so far, but check out the lovely key art below.

You can pre-order on Broken Age's website; $15 grants you beta access, while $30 gives you the same privileges as those who backed the game early on - access to forums, the documentary series and more. You can upgrade from pre-order to backer status, too.

Broken Age will be available on Linux, Mac and PC and will be DRM-free; it will later come to Ouya, and will be console-exclusive to the Android device for some time. We should see the first trailer soon.

Broken Age was the first game from such a well-known developer to turn to Kickstarter for funding, as opposed to traditional publishing or venture capitalist backing. It raised $3.3 million, and triggered a wave of similar old-school genre crowdfunding campaigns like Wasteland 2 and Shadowrun Returns. In its wake, gaming has become one of Kickstarter's most lucrative categories, although also one of its chanciest - and there are signs the service may be losing popularity.

Thanks, Dragon246.

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