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Double Fine Adventure brought attention to other gaming Kickstarters

Double Fine's Kickstarter success not only inspired a number of other projects to chase crowdfunding, it gave a much needed boost to other languishing projects.

Giantbomb reports several developers noted their Kickstarter traffic - and donations - rise in the wake of Double Fine's high-profile launch.

One example is Pixel Sand, a physics simulator game. The project's Kickstarter jumped from a projected closing total of $2,000 to end on $13,616 thanks to increased interest in the site.

“We pretty much owe our success to Double Fine for bringing in so many supporters to Kickstarter,” Pixel Sand programmer Trevor Sundberg said.

“All of that traffic seemed to hit right after the Double Fine project became popular.”

Unfortunately, not every project has been so lucky; Auditorium 2: Duet looks likely to miss its goal.

Hit the GiantBomb link above to read the whole feature, which is an interesting discussion of the hits and misses of crowd funding.

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