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Double Fine Adventure Kickstarter closes with $3.3 million

In a raucous livestream, Double Fine celebrated the most successful Kickstarter project to date.

The month-long fundraiser drew $3,334,890 in what essentially amounts to pre-orders for Double Fine's new adventure title along with some sweet bonuses.

Over 47,000 people gave the base amount of $15, which is the minimum required contribution to net a copy of the game.

Over $24,000 gave $30; more than 11,000 gave over $100 to net a place in the game's credits; and 148 backers gave $500 or more. 87,138 backers funded the game in total.

Double Fine Adventure backers will have access to a Two Play productions-made documentary throwing open the entire development process, access to exclusive developer forums, and even the opportunity to shape the game.

During the celebratory livestream, Double Fine boss Tim Schafer promised the game will be "ten times as good as Grim Fandango", one of his most celebrated releases.

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