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Kickstarter crowdsourcing numbers starting to dip

After a strong couple of years, it appears the Kickstarter craze appears to be slowing.

Analysis from Michael Wolf at research group NextMarket Insights suggests the amount of projects on Kickstarter has heavily depleted over the past few months.

Of 89,000 projects started between June 2012 and February 2013, 37,000 have been successful. The numbers are dwindling though. From July 2012, around 4,000 Kickstarter projects were started. Just 2,366 pages were made in December of last year.

Money going into projects is also stalling. Over $30 million was spent on successful projects in July 2012, with that number dropping below the $30 million in February 2013.

As noted on Venturebeat, a Kickstarter spokesman isn't bothered by the lowered sum:

Kickstarter is still so new and this is just the beginning of the first chapter. We’re committed to sharing our stats and hope it helps everyone understand the Kickstarter community better."

Is Kickstarter's popularity taking a slight dip due to a lack of final products? Will consumers start investing again once old projects come good? Let us know your thoughts.

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