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Broken Age Episode 2 expected in early 2015

Broken Age's second half is expected almost a full year after the launch of the first.


Broken Age producer Greg Rice has revealed the long awaited second act of the crowdfunded adventure is in playable alpha all the way up to the finale section.

Writing on the Double Fine forums, Rice said the team's next goal is to complete a playable alpha of the entire second act.

"That means, as you may have guessed based on recent updates and documentary episodes, the Act 2 ship that will deliver the complete adventure is now looking like it will be early next year," he said.

"The game is looking really good and the team is working super fast, but we just gotta give the game the time it needs to really deliver on everything we’re hoping it will be."

A more firm date is on the way, and Double Fine is making good progress.

"Now that we have all the writing and design finalized and VO recorded, the remainder of development is much easier to estimate, so the production team is currently working to nail down a new schedule for finaling the game that we can use as a goal for the team and also share with you all," Rice added.

Double Fine is actually moving pretty quickly now that Tim Schafer has finished writing the second half, although it's been a long wait.

The first half of Broken Age was released early this year to help finance the second half after Double Fine kind of ran out of cash; luckily, this plan absolutely worked, and the project is now making money. You can grab first half on Steam, which also nets you the second episode, and it's on sale at the moment for $15.

Thanks, Polygon.

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