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Diablo Immortal Horadric Bestiary - how to fill pages and how to farm monstrous essence

Bit of a book worm? This guide is for you.

The Horadric Bestiary is a weird but valuable source of XP, loot, and lore in Diablo Immortal. But while it may seem like a less-than-important bit of content when compared to battlegrounds, elder rifts, or dungeons, it is actually absolutely worth investing some time into the Bestiary. That being said, you may not know every tidbit of info surrounding the feature.

As such, we’ve written this quick guide on the Horadric Bestiary. This includes a rundown on what the Horadric Bestiary is, how to fill the Horadric Bestiary, How to farm monstrous essence and more.

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What is the Horadric Bestiary?

The Horadric Bestiary is a collection of lore pages, accessible in Westmarch and every safe hub across the multiple PvE zones in the game. You can identify them on your minimap as the open book.

When you first open up the Bestiary, it’ll be totally empty. However, as you fill out its pages, you’ll learn more about the multiple monsters found across Diablo Immortal as well as the many elite and boss enemies if you get super lucky.

How to fill the Horadric Bestiary?

To fill the Horadric Bestiary, you need to collect monstrous essence from enemies you kill across the world. Their drop rate is somewhat low, and as you need ten essence to collect a page, that means it takes a decent amount of time to farm them out if you desire to.

The open Horadric Bestiary in Diablo Immortal
As you can see, there are plenty of pages to find.

Each day, you can collect up to three pages of the Horadric Bestiary. Once you collect ten essence, you must head back to the Bestiary and unlock a page before you can collect any more.

How to farm monstrous essence

When it comes to farming monstrous essence, you should try to spend as much time as possible in enemy-dense activities. With that in mind, dungeons and elder rifts are great options, as you can rely on not only your own damage but the backup of additional players to blow through waves of demons.

Monstrous Essence in Diablo Immortal
These shining golden orbs are the key to filling out pages.

Specific recommendations include ?, which is super short and has you quickly clear out multiple large rooms of enemies before taking on a super easy boss. This can be quickly cleared in a stacked group, and is a good way of farming out battle pass progress too.

However, before you actually start farming essence, we recommend you pick up and complete your daily bounties from the bounty board in Westmarch. These require you to kill specific packs of monsters across Diablo Immortal, and also acts as a reliable source of Monstrous Essence. You don’t want to be inefficient right? So make sure you don’t waste time by prioritising bounties first, then dungeon spamming.

Why should you fill the Horadric Bestiary?

There are three main reasons to fill out the Horadric Bestiary. The most important for players who are levelling and fine tuning their endgame character is the loot you earn once you unlock one. Each page you complete nets you lots of gold and gear (including legendary pieces if you’re lucky). If you aren’t lucky and grab a duplicate Bestiary page, you get some extra gold as a pity reward, so it’s not all that bad.

You also get a decent chunk of battle pass points for every page you complete - ? in total - which is absolutely significant regardless of how far you’ve progressed through it.

Finally, If you’re not too fussed about the pass, you also get a big chunk of XP for completing Horadric Bestiary pages. This makes it a great daily goal for progress-minded players, who are trying to power through character or paragon levels.

With that, we’ve reached the end of our guide on the Horadric Bestiary! For more Diablo Immortal guides, check out our piece on hidden lairs and how to find them, and whether you should chose to join the immortals or shadows!

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