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Diablo 4 Keeping the Old Traditions solution

You shouldn't always say yes, except to solve this riddle

The Keeping the Old Traditions solution in Diablo 4 is another of the RPG’s cryptic tasks that actually has a straightforward solution.

It just assumes you know it without providing any context like the Secret of the Spring quest, because of course it does.

Solving the riddle takes you into the heart of Dry Steppes and gives you plenty of experience, plus a few extra rare weapons if you’re lucky.

Diablo 4 Keeping the Old Traditions

How to start Keeping the Old Traditions in Diablo 4

Keeping the Old Traditions is easy to miss if you’re not out scouring every inch of Dry Steppes – which you should be doing for the renown rewards. It’s in the middle of nowhere, near a cluster of giant red spiders here.

Deal with the spiders and other monsters, and interact with the book lying on the ground. The riddle reads: “Though timeworn, you endure. Before our colorful kin, I say: Yes, I keep our traditions!

The quest pops in your log after you close the message.

Diablo 4 Keeping the Old Traditions solution

The quest log mercifully adds a tiny marker for where you need to go, so you don’t have to try puzzling out what, where, or who the “colorful kin” are. Your location is a narrow passageway between two cliffs, which is, as you’d expect, full of fallen and other nasty critters. Deal with them, and then stand in front of the statue.

You need to use the “Yes” emote in front of the statue to finish the quest, though “Yes” isn’t in your emote wheel by default. Open the wheel, and choose “Customize.” The “Yes” emote should show up in the list, and you can select it and select the slot in your emote wheel where you want it to go.

Close the menu, use the emote, and a hidden treasure chest will become un-hidden a little ways up the path.

The contents are seemingly random, though you’re still guaranteed about 1,900 XP and 720 gold at World Tier 1 – not too shabby if you’re still early in the game.

While you're exploring the wilds of the Steppes, keep an eye out for Reddamine and Lifesbane, since you'll need those for upgrading your potions. Check out our beginner's guide if you need a hand getting started on your journey through Sanctuary.

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