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Oh good, Diablo 4's enemies can become larger and more terrifying in the endgame

Wouldn't it be crazy if enemies in Diablo 4 became bigger and more challenging as you're clearing the dungeon?

Image credit: Blizzard

Once you finish the Diablo 4 campaign and begin the post-level 50 grind, you start running dungeons regularly for rare loot, and for the XP payouts that will give Paragon Points, and get you to level 100.

Nightmare Dungeons is a variant of existing dungeons that comes with unique modifiers. Of course, they're all intended to make things more challenging for players. Blizzard recently buffed XP payouts in Nightmare Dungeons significantly, so more and more see them as a viable option for endgame grind.

One such modifier, Avenger, can make things interesting in a different way, beyond the difficulty spike. Avenger can result in enemies getting a lot larger than you're used to. The affliction makes it so enemies in the vicinity of others you're currently fighting get stronger - and bigger over time.

That's likely the reason why Reddit user IronHeart_777 ran into a massive version of the ever-annoying random boss, The Butcher. Their fresh meat-chasing menace towers over the standard version, which is already tough enough as it is.

So uh... anyone know why we found a Giant Butcher? He appeared this big
by u/IronHeart_777 in diablo4

Technically, since The Butcher spawns right on the player, it shouldn't have enough time to leech off your killing of nearby enemies. So the running theory is that The Butcher spawned, but didn't go after the party, which meant that Avenger kept feeding it and feeding it the more the party continued killing nearby enemies.

This can seemingly happen with any enemy, as a few of the comments note - like the Spider Host, for example, which is a different kind of nightmare. You're not likely to see it often, unless you luck into the unfortunate combo of taking an unusually long time to kill a mob, all while another one is close by that you haven't trigged it yet.

In case you missed it, Blizzard is hosting a lengthy Diablo livestream tomorrow, June 6 to reveal the theme, and release date of Diablo 4's first season. We're also getting a look at much of what we can expect with the big patch.

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