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Diablo 4 Brought to Heel quest and red mushroom location

The (almost) invisible 'shroom

The Diablo 4 Brought to Heel side quest tasks you with finding a specific red mushroom, but tracking the fungus down is more challenging than it first appears.

For one thing, even when you’re in the right area, the red mushroom cluster is impossible to see under certain circumstances.

While the physical rewards might not be that impressive, completing Brought to Heel is a quick way to earn some Hawezar renown, which is essential if you want to get more health potions (and you do).

Diablo 4 Brought to Heel

How to start Brought to Heel in Diablo 4

Brought to Heel is one of the many side quests you can grab in Backwater, a harbor town in the Forsaken Coast area of Hawezar. The region’s recommended level might be higher than your own depending on how much exploring you’re doing instead of leveling. If you’re determined to do the side quest early, though, you can reach Backwater safely by just not engaging with enemies on the way.

Either way, head to the settlement’s northern pier when you get there, and speak to Lumir to pick the quest up.

Diablo 4 Brought to Heel – Red Mushroom location

You can find a red mushroom just a little ways north of Backwater, in a cluster near the Fetid Hive cellar. There are a few caveats to collecting it, though. It won’t show up as a collectible item if you’re on a mount, and you can’t actually pick it up while mounted either. This will presumably get patched out at a later date, but for now, just make sure to hop off your horse once you get to the Fetid Hive cellar.

Grab the mushroom, head back to Lumir, and collect your reward. You’ll get the usual assortment of rewards – a random piece of equipment, gold, and some XP – and 20 points to put toward your Hawezar renown. Chat with some more folks around Backwater to pick up additional quests and get a bit closer to your next renown reward.

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