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Diablo 4 beta rewards and where to find them

Did you play any of the Diablo 4 beta tests? If your answer is yes, there may be one or several rewards waiting for you in the full game.

As promised, Blizzard has given Diablo 4 players the rewards they so rightfully earned by playing the beta. While the game doesn't officially launch until June 6, those who bought the Deluxe/Ultimate Editions are currently enjoying four days of early access.

During the beta, various rewards were assigned to reaching certain thresholds, or visiting a certain major town.

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Diablo 4 beta rewards and how to unlock them

Unlocking the Diablo 4 beta rewards is simply a matter of having played any of the beta weekends that took place ahead of launch. If you missed your shot, there is sadly no way to get any of those rewards now. If you, however, played the beta, here's what you can use in the full game.

There are four rewards in total, but most players will have access to three, due to the difficulty of obtaining the last one. Here they are:

  1. Initial Casualty title: Earned by reaching the town of Kyovashad with at least one character.
  2. Early Voyager title: Earned by reaching level 20 with at least one character.
  3. Beta Wolf Pack cosmetic item: Earned by reaching level 20 with at least one character.
  4. Cry of Ashava Mount Trophy: Earned by defeating Ashava, a World Boss available in the beta.

Where to find and equip the Diablo 4 beta rewards

The timing, and location of where to find, and be able to equip beta rewards varies depending on the reward. So let's break things down for each of them.

Where to find and equip Initial Casualty, and Early Voyager titles

A Title is one way you can personalise your character in Diablo 4. They're not cosmetic rewards, but simply text displayed next to your name. They're typically unlocked by finishing in-game challenges, and you can mix and match two of them to create a funny/scary/nonsensical combo that other players see on your profile.

To equip a Title, simply bring your character menu (C on keyboard / Menu button on Xbox / Options button on PlayStation), and you should see an option that says Manage Profile on the left side of the panel.

If you click that, you'll be able to customise your Title by mixing two together, one as a prefix, and the other as a suffix. The list of Titles will grow as you continue playing, so come back and change it often.

Did you defeat Ashava in the beta?

Where to find and equip the Beta Wolf Pack cosmetic item

The Beta Wolf Pack is similar to a Fortnite Back Bling, in that it's a cosmetic item that sits on your back in Diablo 4. In this case, it's an adorable wolf pup sleeping. If you reached level 20 in past Diablo 4 beta tests, you will have it waiting for you.

The Beta Wolf Pack can be equipped at any wardrobe in any of Diablo 4's major towns. The first major town you're going to visit is Kyovashad. Once you reach it, simply open the map and head towards the small building that has your chest, and wardrobe.

You'll find it under Items, and you can equip it from there. Depending on how quickly you make progress, you'll probably reach Kyovashad around level seven. Feel free to visit any wardrobe to also change into any of the various transmog looks you'll be unlocking over the course of the game.

Where to find and equip the Cry of Ashava Mount Trophy

The Cry of Ashava Mount Trophy can be seen, and equipped at any of the stables in Diablo 4's major towns. Unfortunately, until you unlock the in-game mount, you won't be able to change anything to do with your mount - including cosmetic trophies.

You unlock the horse simply by playing the campaign, but it's going to take you much longer than you think. Once you do, head to any stable and you'll see a panel dedicated to customising your mount, it's there you'll find the Cry of Ashava Mount Trophy (and any future ones you acquire).

If you're wondering where to find pre-order bonuses, and everything included in the Deluxe/Ultimate Edition - follow those links.

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