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Outbreak Prime: use binary code to solve the 4th monitor puzzle in Destiny: Rise of Iron's Wrath of the Machine

Get Outbreak prime in Destiny: Rise of Iron with our guide to finding that last monitor.

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Destiny: Rise of Iron's fourth exotic quest has been found - Channeling the Corruption, which leads to the Outbreak Prime Exotic pulse rifle.

But before you can kick off the Channeling the Corruption quest, you need to venture into the Wrath of the Machine raid and activate a series of five monitors in order to unlock the laser grid blocking off the final chest. Only then can you begin the lengthy journey to ownership of Outbreak Prime.

This guide page is dedicated to helping you find those monitors - no easy task. The fourth monitor you'll reach as you move through the raid is very well hidden, and it took a diabolical Destiny: Rise of Iron ARG to locate it. We'll get to the fourth monitor in a moment - let's start with the "easy" ones first. See the video above for a visual guide - we've included timestamps.

  • Wrath of the Machine raid monitor #1

    This monitor is located in the second Archpriest Vosik arena and is accessible either before or after the battle. Enter the front-left safe room and jump into the ventilation shaft on the ceiling; you can fit between the blades of the fan if you've come in before the battle. You'll need to jump obstacles and crawl to reach the end of the ventilation shaft, where you can activate the first monitor. Video timestamp - 1:00

  • Wrath of the Machine raid monitor #2

    The second monitor is between the second Archpriest Vosik arena and the Siege Engine. Follow the jumping sequence to half way along while scanning the above you on the right hand side. When you see a platform, jump off and follow the corridor to another room. Here you'll need to jump onto the pip on the right so you can leap to the platform on the left. From here, you can jump to some scaffolding above you, and then further up to some crossbeams on the far side, allowing you to reach a platform. You can walk along this platform a short distance to reach some pipes; jump onto them and walk along to find the second monitor in a room to the left at the end of the pipes. Video timestamp - 1:32

  • Wrath of the Machine raid monitor #3

    The third monitor is access by jumping off the back of the Siege Engine rather than the front after defeating it, then waiting for the Siege Engine to fall down. Face away from the path to the next area (put your back to the loot), then move to the left edge of the wall. Stand on either of the last two stone pillars at this edge of the wall to spot a hatch in the surface below. Shoot to open it, then jump in. At the end of the short corridor you need to jump onto a pipe to penetrate further in, where the third monitor awaits.Video timestamp - 2:15

  • Wrath of the Machine raid monitor #5

    You won't pick this one up till the every end of the raid, so make sure you get the fourth monitor via the instructions below before you worry about this one. It's right outside the laser grid gate at the end of the raid, after beating the final boss, Aksis, Archon Priest.

Wrath of the machine: 4th monitor binary code puzzle

Now for the tough one. The video above explains this process from 2:58.

As you move from the Siege Engine to the Aksis arena you pass through the Server Farm. Facing direction of travel there are two non-interactive monitors in this room - one on the left, and one on the right. Two Guardians should wait in this room, one by each of the two non-interactive monitors, while four others press on to the canister room.

The canister room is divided into four quadrants: 00, 01, 02 and 03. One Guardian should stand at each quadrant.

In each quadrant, there are multiple cylinders divided into numbered columns. We can identify each cylinder both by its column, as numbered in the game world, and by row, which just means its position in relation to the centre of the room. Row numbering starts at zero, not one, so the second cylinder out from the catwalks is actually "row one".

To begin the puzzle, you need Guardians standing on specific cylinders:

  • Quadrant 00 - column 2:00, row two
  • Quadrant 01 - column 1:01, row two
  • Quadrant 02 - column 4:02, row zero
  • Quadrant 03 - column 3:03, row five

These positions are shown in the map below. Study it, along with the numerical directions, until you understand what's happening. It's super important that everyone be able to translate quadrant, column and row numbers into game terms, so they know where to stand when they get instructions in a moment.

Once you have four Guardians in position as indicated for a few seconds, the two non-interactive monitors in the server farm will fire into life. At this stage, the four Guardians in the canister room should return to the walkways above their quadrants.

One of the two Guardians in the server farm (it doesn't matter who) can then activate the monitors, which will begin spitting out co-ordinates.

The co-ordinates are provided in binary, in two parts:

  • The left monitor always gives the column number
  • The right monitor always gives the row number

What the Guardians in the server room need to do is convert the binary number into a more familiar digit, and then call it out to the team. So the left Guardian calls out "column [number]" and the Guardian on the right follows up with "row [number]".

You can convert the binary code by setting this tool to "binary to decimal" in the drop down menu and then typing it in. But if you'd rather refer to a list, here's a guide:

  • 0000 = 0
  • 0001 = 1
  • 0010 = 2
  • 0011 = 3
  • 0100 = 4
  • 0101 = 5
  • 0110 = 6 [does not appear]

The monitors provide co-ordinates for each quadrant in the following order:

  • Quadrant 00
  • Quadrant 01
  • Quadrant 02
  • Quadrant 03

So when the Guardians in the server room call out "column [number]" and "row [number]", the Guardian at Quadrant 00 will jump to the canister at those co-ordinates. When the Guardian lands on the right place they will hear a sound effect to indicate it has worked, and the monitors will then display a new set of co-ordinates for Quadrant 01. This process repeats through four quadrants.

If anybody makes a mistake, the puzzle resets, and you'll have to begin again - four Guardians on the catwalks above the canisters, and one of the two Guardians back in the Sever Farm hitting the activate prompt on their monitor.

Activating the 4th monitor and claiming the loot

After you successfully enter all four co-ordinates and hear the confirmation sound effect, the pyramid in the centre of the canister room will open.

All six Guardians can now enter the pyramid, where someone can activate the fourth monitor, and everyone can open the Exotic raid chest.

Continue on with the raid to reach the fifth monitor as described above, and claim your prize to begin the Channeling the Corruption Outbreak Prime Exotic quest.

How did anyone figure all this out? We don't rightly understand it ourselves, to be honest. It took a lot of work by a lot of very clever people to solve Bungie's mystery this time. Serves us right for saying the Sleeper Simulant quest was too easy, doesn't it?

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