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Destiny: Rise of Iron's Exotic pulse rifle found - how to get Outbreak Prime via Channeling the Corruption

The Wrath of the Machine raid, an ARG and a lengthy Exotic quest all resolve in Outbreak Prime, a new Exotic pulse rifle to fill out the A Life Exotic entry in your Record Book.

Destiny: Rise of Iron players have unravelled a lengthy and delightful mystery.

Turns out this week's baffling Destiny: Rise of Iron ARG eventually produced a map, which allowed players to find and activate the final monitor in the Wrath of the Machine raid. This unlocked the last laster blocking the mystery chest at the end of raid, which kicks off a new Exotic quest leading to the Exotic pulse rifle everyone's been looking for.

Serious kudos to the Destiny community, specifically the Destiny and Raid Secrets subreddits, for solving this hugely involved mystery.

Tracking down and completing this Exotic quest will tick off another entry in A Life Exotic bringing you one step closer to completing your Rise of Iron Record Book, so you definitely want to get on it. Arekkz explains the quest step-by=step in the video above, but let's quickly break it down:

Update: In the walkthrough below we mention how important it is to have a fireteam consisting of one Warlock, one Hunter and one Titan. Don't worry about this too much; it turns out players who have already completed the quest can help out those doing it for the first time by buying a new SIVA Engine from Shiro-4. If you're working alone and ready to tackle Be The Battery, That Light May Bind or Equalisation Equation, make a post on an LFG site specifically requesting help with this quest. We recommend The100, which works best for game sessions advertised at least half a day in advance.

Channeling the Corruption Exotic quest

  • 1. Activate the five monitors in the Wrath of the Machine raid

    Dive into Wrath of the Machine and search out the monitors you'll need to access the final chest behind the laser grid.

    • Climb into the air vent in the front-left safe room in the second Archpriest Vosiks encounter arena.
    • Turn right halfway through the jumping sequence between Archpriest Vosiks and the Siege Engine. Climb the pipes and scaffolding in the room at the end.
    • Jump off the back off the Siege Engine after completing the encounter and wait for it to fall. Look for a panel off the side of the wall. Climb onto the pipe inside.
    • The fourth monitor has its own dedicated guide. You can also refer to the video above.
    • The fifth monitor is right by the laser grid after the second Aksis, Archon prime encounter.
  • 2. Open the chest after Aksis, Archon Prime

    Take down the final boss of the Wrath of the Machine raid and you'll have access to the fifth monitor. If you've hit all of them, you can then pass through the now inactive laser grid to open the chest. You'll receive a SIVA Engine and the Exotic quest Channeling the Corruption.

  • 3. Speak to Shiro-4 at Felwinter Peak

    Speaking to Shiro-4 completes the quest step An Engine Less Ordinary.

  • 4. Complete Be the Battery

    The second step of the Channeling the Corruption quest has multiple requirements, but it's not as straight forward as it looks. In order to have the tasks below count, your fireteam must contain one Hunter, one Warlock and one Titan and all three players must be carrying the SIVA Engine item.

    If you meet those requirements, get through this task list:

    • Complete a Nightfall strike
    • Complete three public events (including Archon's Forge) in the Plaguelands
    • Complete three Heroic strikes or Crucible matches
    • Get 50 kills with a pulse rifle
  • 5. Complete That Light May Bind

    Now it's time to synchronise your three SIVA engines. Gather your fireteam of one Hunter, one Warlock and one Titan at Felwinter Peak and inspect the SIVA Engine in your menus. Activate the first node to load the rest of the grid. Each of the three characters must then enter their sequence simultaneously. From left to right, the sequences are:

    • Hunter: middle, bottom, middle, middle, bottom (2,3,2,2,3)
    • Warlock: bottom, top, bottom, top, bottom (3,1,3,1,3)
    • Titan: bottom, middle, bottom, middle, bottom (3,2,3,2,3)

    When all three fireteam members have entered their sequences, all will be able to tick off the extra two nodes that appear, and then the very final node, to complete the quest step.

  • 6. Speak to Shiro-4 at Felwinter Peak

    Shiro-4 will give you the Parts of the Whole quest step.

  • 7.Complete Parts of the Whole

    Now you have a new shopping list of tasks to complete. "Actively explore" just means making kills, collecting resources and doing missions, and you'll probably tick it off as you do the Archon's Forge battles. For Sepiks Perfected, you'll have to load the Devil's Lair strike at the 320 Light level.

    • Actively explore the Plaguelands
    • Fight in the Archon's Forge three times
    • Destroy Sepiks Perfected
  • 9. Complete Equalisation Equation

    Return to Felwinter Peak for another round of sequence entry on the SIVA Engine. There are four nodes in each column this time, so we've numbered them from one to four, top o bottom. So from left to right, you want to enter the following simultaneously:

    • Hunter: 2,4,4,1,4 OR 4,1,2,3,3
    • Warlock: 1,3,3,3,4 OR 2,3,4,4,4
    • Titan: 4,2,1,2,3

    Hunters and Warlocks should try both patterns and if one doesn't work switch to the other. When everyone's finished, just hit the last node to finalise.

  • 8. Speak to Shiro-4 at Felwinter Peak

    Shiro will give you the Running the Math quest step.

  • 9. Complete Running the Math

    The step has you run the raid again with the same character. After defeating each of the three major encounters (Archpriest Vosik second encounter, Siege Engine, Aksis Archon Prime second encounter) you will receive a SIVA Control Grid. You need all three to proceed.

  • 10. Complete an Unknowable Science

    Return to Felwinter Peak for the final sequence entry. This one's a bit different though, as the correct solution varies from player to player. What you need to do is inspect the SIVA Engine in your inventory and hover the cursor over each node to read the numerical value, then plug the values into the SIVA Engine puzzle calculator. This will give you a list of possible answers; try them one by one until you get a working solution. When everyone has entered their solution, everyone should press the final button.

  • 11. Speak to Shiro-4 at Felwinter Peak

    That's it! Shiro-4 will give you the Outbreak prime Exotic Pulse rifle.

What a marathon. Hopefully the weapon is worth the effort - but certainly ticking of a Rise of Iron Record Book items is a big deal to many players.

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