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Destiny 2: The Witch Queen - All Darkness Rift locations

Looking for Darkness Rifts? We've got all the locations for you right here.

Finding all the Darkness Rift locations in Destiny 2: The Witch Queen is a major task for any player looking to fully explore Savathun’s Throne World or net themselves the Witch Queen meta triumph. To help cut down a lot of the time you’d spend scouring the map, we’ve compiled all the Darkness Rift locations so you can find them quickly and without much hassle.

To destroy these rifts, you’ll need the Parasite exotic grenade launcher buff active. To find out how to get this gross new exotic, check out our guide on the questline here.

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Darkness Rift 1 - Quagmire

Travel towards the Florescent Canal entrance from the Quagmire and take a right at the gate. Immediately ahead of you, you’ll see a small structure. Head inside, and you’ll see the darkness rift above you near the roof.

Darkness Rift 2 - Fluorescent Canal

Head into the Fluorescent Canal from the Quagmire entrance and ride up the main road. Before you cross by the centre staircase, take a right and you’ll see three spires hanging over the cliff.

The central spire has a darkness rift hidden behind it, walk around the side of the spire and you’ll be able to shoot it no problem.

Darkness Rift 3 - Court of Thorns

While you can shoot up at this darkness rift from the open world, we recommend jumping into a Wellspring activity and destroying this rift there.

You can find it on the highest platform overlooking the bridge in the Court of Thorns. In the Wellspring Activity, look to the black pillar near the giant drop half way through the activity. On top of the right pillar (when looking out over the bridge from on top), you’ll find the rift.

Darkness Rift 4 - Sepulchre Lost Sector

This Darkness Rift can be found right beside the chest at the end of the Sepulchre lost sector. Simply fight your way through the enemies present, and look left of the chest once you reach the end. You’ll find the rift in the corner of the room.

Darkness Rift 5 - Queen’s Bailey

Travel to the Queen’s Bailey from the entrance in the north east corner of the Fluorescent Canal. Travel straight ahead past the shrubbery, then take a left onto the raised platform via the stairs. Floating in the sky here will be your next Darkness Rift.

Darkness Rift 6 - Miasma

Ride into the miasma and head to the temple entrance on the south west part of the region.

Once you enter the large courtyard, walk around the right side until you find yourself beside a large cube structure. There, hovering over the ground you’ll find the Darkness Rift.

Darkness Rift 7 - Metamorphosis

Head inside the Metamorphosis lost sector in the Miasma. Once you reach the end, there will be a life that will take you back to the entrance. As you ride this lift, you’ll pass over a darkness rift which you’ll have to shoot while flying. If you miss it, you’ll either have to run all the way back to the end of the lost sector, or parkour your way back up through the hole in the roof to have another chance.

Darkness Rift 8 - Extraction

Travel to the end of the Extraction Lost Sector in the Quagmire zone. Once you reach the chest, turn around and look towards the room directly in front of you. Above the door frame will be your next Darkness Rift.

Darkness Rift 9 - Temple of the Cunning

This one requires a lot of running. Travel all the way down into the Temple of the Cunning from the Quagmire until you reach the giant bridge leading into the temple itself. Once on the bridge, continue forwards until you reach the large rocky formation to the right of the bridge.

Head onto these rocks, and you'll find the Darkness Rift up on a higher platform above a deepsight point. If you’re having trouble reaching it, you can shoot at it from the torch nearby.

Darkness Rift 10 - Altar of Reflection

Head into the Altar of Reflection activity. Once you reach the end, walk left of the altar where you look at memories, and aim off the side of the platform. You’ll see the final darkness rift floating between two pillars.

That concludes our guide on all the darkness rift locations. If you’re still in an exploratory mood, check out our guide on all the moth locations in Destiny 2. Alternatively, you can also check out our recent news piece on all the balance changes that’s coming to The Witch Queen in week two and beyond.

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