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Destiny 2: The Witch Queen All Moth locations

Here's how to track down and mount all the moths for this important part of the Witch Queen meta triumph

As is custom with every Destiny 2 expansion, there are many hidden collectables scattered around The Throne World. This time, players must hunt down and mount moths for the lepidopterist triumph if they want to work towards The Witch Queen medal. As such, we’ve created this guide to show the moth locations on The Throne World in Destiny 2: The Witch Queen.

It’s worth noting that new moths will be added each week, as per the penguins on Europa, so we’ll keep this guide page updated as more moths are added into the game.

Also, while all the moths currently don’t require any additional steps aside from travelling out and finding them, future moths may require higher tiers of deepsight resonance. As such, if you’re looking to collect them all as soon as possible, it may be worth grinding out reputation with Fynch sooner rather than later.

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Moth 1 / Week 1- Quagmire cave

This first moth can be found in the Quagmire near the Extraction lost sector. To the right of the lost sector entrance, you’ll find a large cave entrance.

Go inside, and hive will start to spawn ahead of you - including a named witch called Ubartu-Ana. Kill all of these enemies, and a small green barrier to you right will be dispelled. The moth can be found behind this barrier.

Moth 2 / Week 1 - Apothecary

The second moth can be found within the apothecary (we’ve included an image of a map with the entrance to highlighted below in case you’ve forgotten how to get there). Enter this section of the map and continue past the alluring curtain and into the Apothecary region, the same way you did in the Witch Queen main quest.

Once you actually reach The Apothecary zone, ascend the stairs to your right.and onto the main pathway towards the interior of the Apothecary itself. Pass by the entrance and continue straight ahead down the path.

On the next raised platform ahead of you, you’ll find a Deepsight illusion. Activate it, and five shootable symbols will spawn. Their locations are as follows:

  • One: attached to the hedge directly behind the Deepsight issulsion.
  • Two : On the left side of the staircase leading up to the platform
  • Three: On the right way of the interior room below the platform
  • Four: Attached to a white box facing on the platform by the Deepsight illusion, facing outwards towards the cliff’s edge
  • Five:Attached to the lower wall on the far side of the platform. Descend down the stairs behind symbol number one and turn around, it should be on your right.

Once all of those have been destroyed, the moth will placed back on the platform where the Deepsight illusion was. You should get an objective marker pointing you to its exact location.

Moth 3 / Week 2 - Alluring Curtain

This moth is fairly simple to earn. Simply travel to the Alluring Curtain area via the side path elading out of the Quagmire and continue travelling through until you reach a large couryard after climbign a set of stairs. From here, jump down into the courtyard and you should find an elite Wizard floating around.

Kill this Wizard, and the moth will spawn on the ground where they died. It'll be marked on your HUD, so all you'll have to do is walk up and collect it.

Moth 4 / Week 2 - Temple of the Cunning

This moth requires a bit of legwork, as you'll have to travel all the way down into the Temple of the Cunning. Make your way inside via the large cave at the centre of the Quagmire, then continue ahead until you drop down into the large red room. This is the room where you had to find five shootable icons in the campaign mission, and should have three acolytes running around inside.

Once there, crawl through the bright white hole in the wall and you'll come to a large open area with several small pillars jutting out from the ground. On top of one of these pillars, the one nearest the circular platform at the centre of the room, will be a moth. Head on over and pick them up, and you're week two moth hunt is finished!

Moth 5 / Week 3 - Miasma

The first moth for week three only requires a quick journey over to the Miasma. As you enter the zone from the Quagmire, continue forward until you reach a large tree sticking out from the swap. For a rough idea of it's location, check the map below.

To the left of the tree there will be a ledge you can cllimb up on. Do so, then hop on over to the tree. On top of one its branches will be the moth, waiting for you.

Moth 6 / Week 3 - Temple of the Wrathful

The second moth for week 3 can be found in the Temple of the Wrathful. Journey down into the temple from the Quagmire, and continue deeper into the cave until you pass the pitch black area filled with numerious pustules that you can shoot to illuminate the area. Once you make it through, you'll drop into a large open area fileld with enemies. To your right, there'll be a portal you can run through. Go ahead and run through to reach the area where the moth is hidden.

As you exit the portal, you'll arive in another open area. Kill all the enemies surrounding you, and an orange dome nearby will dissapear. Inside this dome is your final moth for week three, which you can collect once the area is clear.

Moth 7 / Week 4 - Witchs' Echo

For this moth, ride on over to the Miasma. As you enter the zone from the Quagmire, keep driving forward towards the cnetre-north portion of the map. There you'll find a cave system headed down underground, with a giant pit of death at it's mouth. This is the entrance to the Witchs' Echo.

Once you're inside, continue down into the Witch's Echo until you reach a large green room with black cannisters hanging from the ceiling. There should be a few hive in this room too. Kill them, and you'll be free to track down an illusion in the corner of the room.

Interact with this illusion, then turn around. You'll now be able to see your new moth on the floor in a doorway below you. Pick it up and add it to your collection.

Moth 8 / Week 4 - Court of Thorns

For this moth, head into a Wellspring activity. If you're defending the wellspring, you'll be able to grab t his moth right away. However, if you're attacking, you'll have to progress into the final room in order to pick it up. Once you're by the Wellspring, enter the large red side room with multiple hive statues inside.

Once inside, walk to the left side of the room. You should see a smalelr statue holding the moth in it's left hand. Go ahead and pick it up, and you'll have finished up week 4's Moth hunt.

Moth 9 / Week 5 - Fluorescent Canal

The first moth of week 5 can be found out in the open in the Fluorescent Canal. Ride up to the central fountain in the canal by following the road through the region. Once by the fountain, jump on in.

Inside the fountain, you'll find the moth floating on the water on a lillypad. Walk up and pick it up - easy!

Moth 10 / Week 5 - Altar of Reflection

For this moth, head into an Altar of Reflection activity. Once inside, make your way into the boss room wherem ultiple hive can be seen praying. Look up to the platform to your right as you enter, and you'll see an illusion.

Jump up to this illusion and dispell it, then turn around. You'll see several platforms have appeared above the door you entered through. Jump on these platforms, and you'll find the moth resting at the peak.

Where to mount the moths

Mounting the moths is part of the triumph, meaning you’ll have to find a nice place to show off your collection. This area is easy to find, simply return to Fynch and look into the cave on his right. There, you’ll be able to interact with certain spots where paper is placed to display you new moth collection.

For more guides on Destiny 2: The Witch Queen, check out our pieces on how to start all the heroic public events on the Throne World, and how to level crafted weapons quickly.

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