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How to start all heroic events on the throne world in Destiny 2: The Witch Queen

Whether escorting the resonant splinter, the witches' ritual, or dark ether harvesting. Here's how to start the heroic events for all throne world events.

As you make your way down to Savathun’s Throne World in Destiny 2: The Witch Queen, you’ll no doubt see public events popping up all over the map that you can take on with like minded Guardians. However, some of the triggers for the heroic events - harder challenges that require certain steps to be done before they trigger - can be hard to determine early on. To help you get the best loot possible, here’s how to trigger every heroic event on the Throne World.

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How to trigger the Resonant Splinter heroic event

As you escort the resonant splinter, enemies that spawn have a chance to spawn bombs that you can pick up. Take these and throw them at the splinter, as these charge it up for the heroic event.

The only difference between the regular and heroic event is the ending challenge, as two elite enemies will spawn in an attempt to stop splinter from detonating. Simpel taking them out with your fellow Guardians at the final platform and the heroic event will be completed.

This event can be found in the Quagmire and the Miasma.

How to trigger the Witches Ritual heroic event

In the area where this event takes place, look to both sides of the giant portal looking over the rest of the zone. You’ll see two white statues holding up crystals you’ll have to destroy to trigger the heroic event, although they’ll be invincible for now.

To bring down the shield around the crystals, stand on the circles nearby each crystal until you have captured them. As you do, the shield around the nearby crystal will fall for a short time allowing you to take it down.

Once both crystals are destroyed, the heroic event will start. This summons one giant elite enemy you’ll need to take down, alongside occasional packs of ogres that will spawn away from the portal to make things a bit trickier.

This event can be found in the Fluorescent Canal

How to trigger the Dark Ether heroic event

As you take down one of the three captains spawned as part of this event, dark ether orbs will spawn from their nearby machine and float towards a central box at the heart of the event. To trigger the heroic event, make sure no orbs reach the central mechanism.

There is some leniency here though, so if one or two make it don’t jet off frustrated, as long as not many make it to the middle you should be alright.

Once all three captains are dead and their orbs are destroyed, the heroic event will trigger. This spawns a big elite Scorned enemy you’ll have to take down in order to claim your rewards.

This event can spawn in the Quagmire, Fluorescent Canal, and Miasma.

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