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Destiny 2: The Witch Queen Throne World reputation guide. All rewards and how to grind them quickly

A new reputation has been added to Savathun's Throne World courtesy of Fynch. Here's everything you need to know about what the little guy has to offer.

Fynch, one of the new major characters in Destiny 2: The Witch Queen, is the source of a whole new reputation to grind and rewards to earn. Encountered early on and integral to your exploration of Savathun’s Throne World, earning Throne World points and progressing through the ranks will be something every Destiny 2 player does. With that in mind, here’s a full guide on the Throne World reputation, the rewards, and how to grind out Throne World rep.

How to earn Throne World reputation

Almost everything substantial you do on Savathun’s Throne World, except from killing enemies or picking up resources in the open world, provides reputation points. Opening chests, completing lost sectors, helping with events and more all provide a set number of points. In total there are 30 ranks, with each rank being made up of 1000 reputation points in total.

Below is a list of activities that provide reputation points, alongside the value they provide:

  • Chests - 20
  • Daily Bounties - 50
  • Additional Bounties - 20
  • Lost Sectors - 70
  • Public Events -130
  • Wellspring Runs - 125
  • Altars of Reflections - 125
  • Replayable campaign missions - 125

How to grind Throne World Rep reputation

If you’re aiming to gain as much Throne World reputation as efficiently as possible, completing your daily bounties provided by Fynch is a great way to go. They are all quick to complete and provide 50 points each, so if you’ve got a spare 20 minutes they’re absolutely worth prioritising.

Once you’ve done those, you have a series of options. The Wellspring is another great option - as compared to other activities such as campaign missions and the Altar of Reflections it’s fairly quick to do. Also, with 125 points up for grabs, it’s always a good idea to run a few times if you can.

Now if it’s quick repeatable content you’re looking for, something you can do over and over for a consistent grind, Lost Sectors are your best friend. Providing 70 reputation points is a matter of minutes if you’re quickly speeding through shorter Lost Sectors like Metamorphosis in the Miasma which only takes around 5-eight minutes to complete once you have figured out. Also, make sure you're doing public events whenever they come up - as the amount of points they provide is insane!

Throne World Reputation rewards

Here are the rewards you can gain from ranking up your Throne World reputation, alongside the ranks / throne world points you’ll need to reach them:

  • Veritas Greaves - rank 2 / 2000 points
  • Upgrade Module x5 - rank 3 / 3000 points
  • Veritas Gauntlets - rank 4 - 4000 points
  • Veritas Plate - rank 6 / 6000 points
  • Enhancement core x5 - rank 7 / 7000 points
  • Pointed Inquiry - rank 9 / 9000 points
  • Deepsight upgrade: tier 2 - rank 11 / 11,000 points
  • Replayable campaign missions on higher difficulties - rank 13 / 13,000 points
  • Deepsight Upgrade: tier 3 - rank 15 / 15,000 points
  • The Wellspring higher difficulties - rank 18 / 18,000 points
  • Veritas mark - rank 21 / 21,000 points
  • Queen’s colors shader - rank 24 / 24,000 points
  • Veritas helmet - rank 27 / 27,000 points
  • Throne World Engram Upgrade - rank 30 / 30,000 points

With that, we’ve reached the conclusion of our Throne World reputation guide. If you’re interested in more Destiny 2: Witch Queen guides, you may want to read our Deepsight upgrade tier 2 and 3 guides so you know what to do with them once you’ve unlocked them, alongside our guide on the Grand Overture exotic weapon and catalyst.

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