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Destiny: House of Wolves guide and walkthrough

Destiny's biggest content drop since launch is a maze of new modes, gear and locations. Don't get lost. Let us lead the way.


Destiny: House of Wolves guide and walkthrough

Destiny's second expansion, House of Wolves, is large, making up for its lack of raid by including five story missions, a strike, two new end-game "activities," new Crucible maps and enough new weapons, armour, vendors and locations to sink a Fallen ketch. If you're looking to quickly rinse House of Wolves for everything it has to offer, you should reassess your goals: it's going to take months.

We'll be holding your hand for the entire journey. Bookmark our House of Wolves guide right now.

First up, you'll need to beat the story content. You won't be able to get into Prison of Elders, the new PvE end-game, until you do so. We have complete walkthroughs for every story mission and the new strike, named Shadow Thief, in our guide's first section below. These pages will keep you moving through the story, offering advice on how to best the various enemies, suggested load-outs and more.

Prison of Elders will be your next stop. This is Destiny's new wave shooter, challenging you to travel down into the depths of the Reef and face the game's various races in a series of tough objectives, such as defusing mines while being beaten to death by elite Centurions. There are six different locales in Prison of Elders and the level of entry ranges from 28 to a nose-bleeding 35. We'll have guides to every location, how to pick your weapons and strategies for beating every wave as soon as possible.

Whether you like it or not, you'll have to wait for the weekend to play Trials of Osiris, House of Wolves' end-game PvP mode. This 3v3 shoot-out is held on a single map, Mercury's Burning Shrine, and promises to challenge those seeking its beautiful armour and weapons to the absolute limit. We'll have a full strategy guide up for you as soon as we're able.

In addition, you're going to find guides on the three new Crucible maps, the Reef's social area and much more being posted in the coming days, weeks and months. Stay with us, guardian. Help us help you. There's no shame in admitting you need a little advice from time to time.

How to hit level 34 fast

Let's start with the important stuff. You probably want to hit the House of Wolves level cap as quickly as possible, so hit the link for an easy, quick method of maxing out your armour.

The Reef's Vestian Outpost and changes to the Tower

House of Wolves brings with it a new social space, a Reef-located bolthole named the Vestian Outpost. Here'll you'll find new vendors and the access points to all the story content and new modes in Destiny's Fallen expansion. Get to know them. Earn their loot.

Story missions and the Shadow Thief strike

From beginning to end. This is how you beat House of Wolves' story levels.

Prison of Elders

House of Wolves' new PvE mode ranges from simple to insanely difficult, with each of its four arenas providing different challenges and quirks. Don't get stuck: here's how to succeed in each, including all the best cheese information available.

Trials of Osiris

Coming soon.

New Crucible maps

Coming soon.

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