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Destiny: House of Wolves - The Reef's vendors, dead Ghosts and changes to the Tower

House of Wolves significantly changes the way Destiny works, adding new modes, locations and much more. You access all the new content through vendors, both new and old.


Destiny: House of Wolves - the Reef's Vestian Outpost, its vendors and dead Ghosts, and changes to the Tower

You're going to be talking to House of Wolves' vendors a lot. Petra Venj, Variks and the Disciple of Osiris are the new kids in town, joining Berg 99-40 (presumably a close cousin to the Tower's Xander 99-40) and the Postmaster in filling out your new social space: the Reef's Vestian Outpost.

Petra Veng you all know. She's the Queen's emissary, a loyal servant who's visited the Tower with new bounties and emblems just before House of Wolves dropped. She'll be sending you on story missions. Variks is the vendor in charge of Prison of Elders, the new PvE mode, and the Disciple of Osiris, unsurprisingly, controls gear related to Trials of Osiris, the new PvP mode.

While the vendors are specific to activities within House of Wolves, you'll want to make sure you're au fait with them all. There's a wide variety of shaders, emblems, ships, class items and weapons on offer, so don't miss out. The new gear, all based on Fallen design, is truly lovely. Gotta catch it all.

You'll find everything you need to navigate the delights of the new area below, including detailed instructions on finding the Reef's dead Ghosts. We'll also be bringing you information on the changes House of Wolves has made to the Tower in the coming days.

Ready for some shooting? Head back to the rest of our House of Wolves guide.

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