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Destiny: House of Wolves - where to find hidden Ghosts in the Reef

The new Vestian Outpost hides a couple of Ghosts - here's where to find them.

If you're into completion, you'll need to know where to find any new Ghosts in House of Wolves, Destiny's second expansion.

We've only found two so far in the Vestian Outpost, the Reef's new social area, but we'll be adding more as we come across them.

The first one's easy to get. If you head over to the area occupied by Variks, the Prison of Elders handler, you'll see an awning on the left. It dips down in the centre low enough for you to jump up.


Walk up to the top of the awning and you'll see the Ghost hidden near the wall.


The second Ghost's a little more difficult. Stand in the middle of the Vestian Outpost and look towards the door the leads to the Queen. Underneath the platform, on the right, you'll see a suspended piece of scaffolding. That's where you'll find the Ghost.


Line up your jump, leap over the railing and try to land on the end of the platform. It's a bit fiddly, but you'll do it after a few goes.


Crouch down to access the Ghost at the end of the platform.


If you're still having problems getting the Reef's Ghosts, check out the video below.

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