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Destiny: House of Wolves - The Silent Fang walkthrough

The second of House of Wolves' story missions is a two-parter. Time to kill a killer.

Destiny: House of Wolves - The Silent Fang walkthrough

Once you've completed A Kell Rising, you'll be given a new bounty by Petra called Gone to Ground.


As with the previous mission, stick to arc weapons. You'll need them for the captains' shields.

Before you get into the proper mission, the first part of the bounty is to patrol Venus and "loot Fallen Vandals, Wanted Fallen or Fallen chests for Fallen Shiplinks." You need to get 100, and you get four for each pick-up.


Head left from the Venus start point until you reach the caves.


Focus on the vandals. You'll see they drop pyramids as they die. Just pick them up.


Kill everything then jump back down off the platform and wait for them all to respawn. You'll fill the 100 in a matter of minutes. Head back to the Reef and go see Variks, the Fallen vendor.


He'll send you to Petra and the next part of the mission. You now have to hunt Skolos's assassin's on Earth. Head to The Silent Fang, the Earth mission proper.


The Silent Fang is an assassin. Your job is to kill him. You'll start in the Divide. Head forward past the tank into the opening in the wall.


Just run through the tunnels, but watch the lasers. You get rid of them by shooting the projection units on the walls.


Also, beware the Tracer Shanks and Spider Mines. It can be a nasty combination. Take your time and don't get caught out, especially if you're playing on level 32.


You now move out into the car graveyard where everything started all those hundreds of hours ago.


A Ketch arrives and you'll have to face the Silent Fang, an invisible enemy with a boatload of health. Just be careful to stick together and not get surrounded in the open. Pound the Fang and the mission will end.


Head through for details on how to beat The Ruling House, House of Wolves' third story mission, or go back to our House of Wolves guide.

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