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Destiny: House of Wolves – Queen's Ransom walkthrough

You're nearly there. Ready to capture the Kell of Kells and prove your allegiance to the Queen?

Destiny: House of Wolves – Queen's Ransom walkthrough

It's time to trap Skolas as he moves through the Ishtar Sink on Venus. The idea is to take him alive, and you're going to be party to some spectacular sights in this mission.


You start in front of the Vault. Follow the directions round to the right and run into the opening in the wall. Fight the Vex, and, once you've dispatched the two guarding Minotaurs, head through the indicated gap in the wall.


You need to go up to the top of the tower, and are told to "start climbing". Fight up the steps, and you'll soon emerge in a chamber backed by a rising helix. Just as you're gazing on in wonderment, a Hydra, Vechron the Spire Lord, will spawn ahead of you. Waste his robot ass.


Once you've killed everything, you'll see a massive pile of Dead Vex and a control override.


Flip the switch, walk into the helix and jump. Now look up for trippy fun.


You'll be dumped at the top of the lift to find yourself looking out across a chasm with platforms that vanish and reappear. If that sounds similar to the Vault's jumping section to you, you'd be right. The narrator says the tech involved is Vex. Just jump across. It really isn't difficult, although it's certainly pretty.


Once you reach the other side, fight forwards until you hit two servitors floating in front of a ruined warp-gate. They're invincible, so don't waste your ammo.


Skolas will spawn in now for the final fight, and he's backed up by a decent Ketchful of Fallen.


This is a bunfight. Waste everything and pound Skolas until he collapses. Once he's down, an Awoken ship will pick him up, ending the mission.


And that's the end of The Kell of Kells. Return to the Reef for your reward of an Amythest and a new emblem. That's your lot for the new story missions. When you back out to orbit, you'll see that you've unlocked the Prison of Elders, House of Wolve's new PvE mode.


Head through for details on how to beat The Shadow Thief, House of Wolves' strike, or go to our House of Wolves guide.

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