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Destiny: House of Wolves - The Shadow Thief strike walkthrough

Here we go. Head to the Moon and give Taniks something to hang his towels on. Or, you know, kill him. Either or.

Destiny: House of Wolves - The Shadow Thief strike walkthrough

The Shadow Thief takes place on the Moon, starting at the entrance to the Temple of Crota.


Two Shriekers are keeping guard in front of the door. If you're playing on Nightfall, be super-careful of the purple homing blobs the Shriekers release when they die. Once you've cleared the entrance, go inside and follow the normal path down into the Temple.


Turn to the left and jump over the gap in the bridge. Normally you'd be turning right, but now you can go straight on. The Fallen are fighting the Hive through the door, and you'll see Knights and Wizards. Kill everything the move on The next chamber features two Ogres and Wizards. Take the Ogres out as a priority.


Once everything's dead, enter the door and turn left. You'll soon reach a room with a glowing structure in the centre.


Kill the waves of Fallen until the boss appears. After taking a certain amout of damage he'll teleport out. Stand in the middle of the structure, jump, and you'll be teleported to a higher floor.


Follow the corridor round to a room with blue monitor screens and a large, eye-shaped camera embedded in the left wall. The boss will appear again, this time accompanied by hordes of adds. Keep hitting him and he'll eventually vanish, but pay close attention to the snipers at the back of the room.


Move forwards into another room with more blue screens and large pipes. A Wolf Walker will drop towards the rear of the room. As ever, shoot its legs. It's back by sniper Vandals, so watch out. Stay near the door (watch the spawns, though) and carefully pick away at everything. The left-hand corridor looks inviting, but actually becomes something of a deathtrap thanks to hard-to-kill Vandals hiding behind a railing at its bottom end. This is a tough section on Nightfall: make sure you keep a Warlock with self-res on call.


Once the tank's dead, a wave of Shanks and Dregs will come through the back door. Kill them and move through into the next room and the final fight, but be careful: the boss will spawn in the corridor exit with some lesser enemies.


The final room's pretty easy, although you'll come up against a great weight of smaller enemies in addition to the boss. The easiest way to win here is to stay near the door behind the glass screen. Batter Taniks when you can - he stays obligingly still, even on Nightfall - and clear the waves of adds as they assault your hiding room. It'll be over before you know it. Good luck with the drops.

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