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Destiny: House of Wolves Prison of Elders guide - cheese locations, load-outs, more

Want to get to level 34? Can't find the cheese? You'd better bookmark this page right now.


Destiny: House of Wolves - Prison of Elders guide

Raiding will never die in Destiny, but, thanks to expansion House of Wolves, Prison of Elders has replaced Crota's End and Vault of Glass as the end-game activity you have to hit to get to the new level cap of 34.

Calling Prison of Elders a "wave shooter" is doing it a disservice. Yes, you do fight in arenas against increasingly difficult hordes of Vex, Cabal, Fallen and Hive, but the loot and level system surrounding it all is both complex and robust. As a concept designed to keep you replaying until the next content drop, Prison of Elders is nigh on perfect.

And it's hard. Raising up from the initial, match-made level 28 run, you're instantly find yourself facing the level 32 challenge. You'll need two other decent bodies on your fireteam to get through this, but the reward is an Armor Core, a trinket swappable in the Vestian Outpost for the latest piece of 42 armour. If you want the weekly weapon - and a priceless piece of Etheric Light, the only material capable of upgrading legendary items to the highest level of light or damage - you'll need to complete the Prison on level 34. And that's when everything get's a whole lot harder.

Below you'll find detailed guides on beating each of Prison of Elders' four race arenas, including the best cheese spots and how to use them. We've got guides coming on loot, beating the harder levels, crushing the bosses and more. Bookmark this page now.

How to beat Prison of Elders' four arenas

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