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Destiny: House of Wolves - A Kell Rising walkthrough

Ready for House of Wolves' new story missions? Here's how you beat the first one.

Destiny: House of Wolves - A Kell Rising walkthrough

A Kell Rising is the first House of Wolves story mission. It takes place in Winter's Lair on Venus.


A quick word on load-out. You're primarily going up against Fallen, so arc weapons work well. If you have Oversoul Edict, you'll make light work of the Captains and their white shields, of which there are many.

Onward. To gain access to the level, first get a bounty from Petra Venj in the Reef. You're going to be hunting Skolas, the self-named Kell of Kells.


Once you spawn, steal a Heavy Pike and charge off ahead.


After some cursory shooting, you're going to hit an Elder Wolf Walker.


Take the tank down in time honoured fashion by hitting its legs. You can't kill it until each of the legs has been destroyed. Waves of dregs and shanks will harry you while you're killing the machine, but they shouldn't pose too much of a problem, even with the level set at 32.


Once the tank's dead, you're going to run into a Wolf High Servitor. It's just like the servitors you've seen before, but spiky. Because it's different, you know. Shoot it in its stupid bobbly face until it explodes.


Skolas will now briefly appear. Shoot him until he teleports away again, then climb up the hill you're probably very used to shooting down from in the Winter's Run strike. You're going to be facing two new types of shanks here, namely Exploder Shanks and Tracer Shanks. The exploders explode. The tracers snipe. Neither are very tough.

You're going to get your first look at Spider Mines here. If you walk into the web, your movement will slow right down. You can shoot through it unimpeded, however.


Fight up the hill to an invisible captain in front of a door sealed with lasers. Kill the dude and the lasers will vanish. Carry on through the door.


Skolas will appear again before escaping in a ship like the massive coward he so obviously is. You now have a relatively difficult fight downwards. Grab scorch canons from dead captains when you can, but don't get cocky here. You're going to be killing Reaver Captains, dregs and shanks, as well plenty of invisible knife dudes.


After destroying many yellow enemies you'll hit the bottom of the level and the mission will end. Return to Petra in the Reef for your Vestian Dynasty sidearm and a new emblem.


Head through for details on how to beat The Silent Fang, House of Wolves' second story mission, or go back to our House of Wolves guide.

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