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Destiny 2 player creates real life Rhulk action figure

With movable legs for big kicks.

A recent Destiny 2 heartthrob Rhulk has been recreated in the real world as an action figure. Created by Reddit user LookslikeVespa, the final boss from the Vow of the Disciple Raid has been beautifully brought to life along with adjustable legs to kick any oncomers.

Over the last week, Vespa had been posting updates to the Destiny 2 reddit of their creation. 3D printed in resin, Vespa then painted the action figure with the appropriate colours and details to create the brilliant end result you can check out below. While not featured in any of the pictures, Rhulk’s glaive has also been printed.

The finished Rhulk action figure.

Ever since their appearance on the launch of the Vow of the Disciple raid earlier this year with the worldwide raid race, the community surrounding the game fell in love with Rhulk. Not only were they a scarily challenging fight for the playerbase, but they oozed character thanks in large part to their stylish strut and tendency to kick guardians across the room.

If you’re one such fan of Rhulk, and would like an action figure of your own, then you’re actually in luck. Vespa is selling, albeit in a very limited capacity, hand painted Rhulk action figures to those eager to get their hands on one.

This isn’t the first time Destiny 2 players have expressed their passion for the game through a 3D printer. A month ago, someone risked life and limb to create their own Telesto, while a month earlier another player showed the same love to the Graviton Lance.In fact, if you search 3D print on the Destiny 2 Reddit, you’d be blown away by some of the things the community has conjured up.

Let us know what you think of this custom made action figure below? Are you tempted to nab one of your own?

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