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Destiny 2 Warlocks dominate as they head towards their first guardian games win

While there's still time for an upset, it looks like Warlocks are this year's favourites.

The Guardian games are well underway in Destiny 2, the annual olympics-esq competition that pits each class against each other over the span of three weeks, and it looks like Warlocks are the current favourites to win the whole thing.

Logging into Destiny 2 right now, banners representing the progress of each class are clearly seeable at The Tower, and they hint at a big W going to the game’s intergalactic sorcerers. In second place come the Titans, who are performing admirably. Last place are Hunters, who are currently getting stomped out by the tag team effort of the aforementioned classes.

As you can imagine, the Destiny 2 community hubs are filled with celebration from Warlock players revelling in their exceptional performance. This of course includes some fairly entertaining memes, tasteful posing next to the class banners, and some amazing art too! Reddit user RomanBlue is one such creative mind, who posted their Guardian games poster which shows a Warlock triumphantly reaching for the gold.

What’s the cause of this major push towards a Warlock win this year? Well, since the introduction of the Guardian Games back in 2020 the class has yet to score a win, On the initial release, it was Titan’s who came out on top, while Hunters managed to roll into a first place position for 2021. With that in mind, Warlocks are hungry for a win, and a back-to-back victory for Hunters would frankly make the rest of us look bad.

With all this in mind, there’s still time for the scales to shift more favourably towards Hunters if they get a hustle on and start really contributing to the Guardian Games for a potential second place finish (although that would break my glue-eating Titan heart). However, it’s hard to foresee Warlocks botching this lead. We’ll have to wait until May 11 to see if they fumble the ball.

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