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Destiny 2: Beyond Light - new Stasis subclasses revealed

Despite the launch date being a few months away still, we got a closer look at the new subclasses coming to Destiny 2 in Beyond Light.

Destiny 2: Beyond Light introduces Stasis, a new element rumoured to be linked to Darkness-related powers. Not a lot is known about Stasis, but Bungie shared a first look at the new Stasis subclasses for Warlocks (Shadebinder), Titans (Behemoth) and Hunters (Revenants) today on Opening Night Live.

Warlocks' rad ice staff can lay down a field that slows enemies and there are rumours we'll be able to self revive. Titans have a gauntlet of sorts that sends out an ice wave, whereas Hunters get two small ice sickles they can use as projectiles.

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Stasis will have a highly customisable skill tree as opposed to the standard node-based one we have currently. If that experiment with perk layouts goes well, we could see it implemented with the existing Supers later in the new season.

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