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Bloodborne update 1.03 will be released before the end of the month

Bloodborne update 1.03, which reduces load times and contains performance optimizations, will be released before the end of the month.

The upcoming patch will also resolve "abnormal game behavior" which can occur after "many continuous hours of play."

A more specific release date for the patch will be provided at a later date. According to the post, online play will need to be disabled to apply the patch in order to "facilitate server-side updates."

The team will target a 1am PDT on a non-Friday weeknight to "disrupt the fewest players" as possible for at least two hours.

Finally, for those who are having network issues, Sony has posted an FAQ on how to check your NAT type and ensure the proper ports on your network are open.

Sony and From Software announced this morning that the PlayStation 4 exclusive has sold through one million units since launch.

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