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Bloober Team teases new Layers of Fear game amidst Silent Hill rumours

Looks like we'll be exploring the life and mind of a tortured artist once more.

There's been no shortage of rumours lately involving Bloober Team, but we're not talking about Silent Hill right now. In a recent tweet from the team, via the LayersOfFear2 account, some teaser artwork for a new game has been shared.

Take a peek at the Layers of Fear project announcement from 2021, made in Unreal Engine 5.

Layers of Fear initially released in 2016, with its sequel, Layers of Fear 2, launching in 2019. Bloober Team then unveiled, during October 2021, that a brand new Layers of Fear project was in the works, inviting players back to the horrific mind of a tortured artist once more.

As a part of the revelation, Bloober Team shared a short clip made in Unreal Engine 5; Layers of Fear has never looked so hauntingly terrifying.

There is no news as to when this latest project will be released other than during 2022, and the end of the year is approaching quickly, meaning a release may be imminent.

The latest teaser comes in the form of some new artwork, which certainly bears many resemblances to the art work for the original Layers of Fear game. The caption reads "Reach beneath the surface and uncover the source of your fears," which insinuates this is certainly going to be another psychological, horror nightmare.

In the original game, players would take on the role of a painter that's desperately trying to finish their best work yet, at the detriment of everything else in their life. Meanwhile, the 2019 sequel instead chose to follow a Hollywood star casted to film a movie.

Given the trailer from October, and this artwork teaser, it seems as though the latest Layers of Fear instalment will be throwing players back into the mind of the artist once more. I know that I'm excited, given that I love Layers of Fear and can quite happily leave Layers of Fear 2 behind; what do you think?

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