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Battlefield 5 Firestorm *might* have a Megalodon-style easter egg hunt

Detectives, start your sleuthing! It might only be start of lent but it looks like there’s going to be an easter egg hunt on in Battlefield 5’s new battle royale mode, Firestorm.

Speaking to VG247 at a Firestorm preview event about the possibility of a Megalodan-style easter egg in the mode, John Stanley, a senior designer at Criterion Games - who’re working on Firestorm - said: “There is definitely a thread of intrigue, which we're not going to go into detail on, but if you look hard enough you'll see it.”

Battlefield’s multiplayer modes have a history of expansive and intricately hidden easter eggs, most notably dating back to the Megalodon in Battlefield 4’s Naval Strike DLC. You needed ten like-minded players to catch a glimpse of the giant shark, so it might work a bit differently this time given you can only jump into Firestorm with a friendly squad of four.

The Megalodon also made Battlefield 1 players wish they had a bigger boat, breaking the surface after players had found and twisted three hidden valves and gotten three kills in a specific sacrificial spot. It appeared in the DLC for that game too, so it’d make sense for an easter egg to be added to Battlefield 5 in this post-launch update as well.

You'll be able to start the search for yourself when Firestorm drops on March 25.

For more on Battlefield Firestorm, you can read our first impressions. The new mode is an add-on to the main Battlefield 5 game, and EA is committed to keeping as part of that premium package for now.

Firestorm isn’t the only new battle royale to drop this year that’s published by EA, but Criterion has said that “there’s totally space” for both them and Apex Legends.

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