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The Megalodon Easter egg is also in Battlefield 1, here's how to trigger it

Prehistoric sharks can be found in Battlefield 1, too, provided you know how to drawn them out.

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Much like Battlefield 4, there's a Megalodon Easter egg you can trigger in Battlefield 1.

Despite DICE not dropping any hints about ancient sea creatures since the release of Battlefield 1 DLC They Shall Not Pass, the community managed to finally found one on the map Fort de Vaux.

There are three red valves you need to hit to trigger it. Two of them are easily found in the map's many corridors, while the third is buried and requires some explosives to dig up.

As you can see in DANNYonPC's video above, all three must be turned at the same time. If done correctly, a large crater near C will fill up with water. Now, you need to destroy the boxes tucked away in a hall near B, which then reveals a pipe.

Throw a grenade down the pipe and you'll be ready for the final step. Now, all that's left to do is sacrifice three enemies in the puddle. Only melee kills work, and the goal is to create enough blood to draw out the Megalodon.

Watch how it all unfolds in the video.

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