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Fear not, Baldur's Gate 3 Xbox players, a firmware update is coming to fix those pesky save issues

Microsoft has a solution set to arrive next week, and Larian thinks it’ll do the trick.

Lae'zel in Baldur's Gate 3.
Image credit: VG247/Larian Studios

Good news, Baldur's Gate 3 players on Xbox who’ve spent the past few weeks living in fear of losing a bunch of progress via the annoying save issue that’s been plaguing the game on that platform - a permanent fix is set to arrive soon in the form of an Xbox firmware update.

For those out of the loop, since Xbox BG3’s Game Awards shadow drop, one of the couple of problems (bans caused by steamy footage have been the other) folks have had to deal with while playing through Larian’s RPG on the platform has involved saves disappearing following crashes. Thankfully, there’s now been a concrete date given for the previously promised fix that should permanently rectify the issue.

“Microsoft have identified the cause of the save bug on Xbox, and will be issuing a firmware update to fix it,” Larian has confirmed via a tweet, revealing: “You'll be able to update your console manually on the 16th of January, or wait a week longer for the update to roll out globally.”

It added: “Although we haven’t been able to independently verify this fix, we’re optimistic that Microsoft have gotten to the bottom of it!”

So, not quite a totally gleaming endorsement there that the update will be the answer to your prayers there, though Baldur’s Gate 3 director Swen Vincke has shared the message “in the end, all will be well” in a tweet about yesterday's hotfix for the game that also teased the Xbox update. I don’t know about you, but a zen-style reaffirmation from a studio head who likes to rock some medieval armour on occasion has certainly made me feel better about things.

While you wait for the firmware update to arrive on January 16, you’re best off making use of the temporary workaround for the problem that Larian shared on the final day of 2023. Since you’re doing things, you might also want to follow the guidance Xbox Support recently issued with regards to avoiding the steamy footage bans I mentioned earlier.

As this fun has been going on, BG3 director Vincke has also been busy working on the first act of his next project, but sadly he won’t let slip what it is.

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