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Baldur's Gate 3's director has figured out act one of his next project, whatever it might be

Mysterious tease is mysterious, touché Swen.

Astarion looking confused in Baldur's Gate 3.
Image credit: VG247/Larian Studios

Good news everyone, Baldur's Gate 3 lead and regular armour-wearer Swen Vincke has figured out what he wants to do for the first act of his next project. Unfortunately, he won’t say what exactly this mystical next project actually is.

We all liked Baldur’s Gate 3, so is it something to do with that? Well, unfortunately, the answer is a big fat maybe, with a healthy helping of maybe not sprinkled in.

In a Twitter thread that’s bound to leave you scratching your head, salivating for more info, or both, Larian founder Vincke said a lot about this next project and how it’s going, while also not saying very much at all. “After 4 months of rewriting and rewriting and abandoning ideas and then revisiting them, [I’ve] finally figured out what act [one] on this thing I've been working on needs to be,” he wrote, adding: “Quote me when it's revealed to see how much of today's draft survives. I suspect a lot.”

He later declared regarding what the thing he's working on the narrative for in that first tweet is: “it's not what you think and this is not a teaser for an announcement. [I] am [just] genuinely excited about where this is going and wanted to share some of my excitement . It'll be quite some time before we talk about this.”

In between these two points, Vincke waxed lyrical about the nature of the creative process, posting some bits of advice about no draft being a wasted draft and persistence paying off, then saying: “At least that's what I tell myself when I feel like a failure after people have been nagging at me for months.”

The developer also suggested that he may well decide to can this iteration of act one for the mysterious project if the verdict isn’t positive when he lets other people have a gander at it, though he did add that if this was the case, he would start again rather than giving up on the whole thing.

Baldur’s Gate 3 DLC? Early work on Larian’s next game, whether that’s an entry in the Baldur’s Gate series or something else (a new Divinity game, for example)? A really complex and experimental bit of fanfiction involving a magical item-deprived Gale, Halsin in bear form, and a very reluctant Withers?

We’ll just have to wait and find out. Or feverishly play BG3’s epilogue over and over again in search of any clues.

Thankfully for those looking to do so on Microsoft’s consoles, Larian recently provided a positive update on the bans Xbox players have been getting after recording steamy in-game scenes, with the problem now having been resolved.

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