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Alan Wake DLC to contain facial animation fix

Alan Wake 8

Over on the Alan Wake forum, Remedy has revealed that it's to fix some of the facial animations in the game via the first bit of DLC released for it.

Here's the post:

"While I think it'll always be possible to get 'fugly' single frames out of any game, we definitely learned a lot doing Alan Wake, and will try to improve the way we do things to get best possible looking facials," Remedy's Markus Maki wrote on the official forum.

"In fact, we're using some of the improvements in the DLC production already.

"It's not alone a matter of the method how or where the facial capture is done, it's about the run-time animation techniques available, skeleton setup and so on. It's a complex problem trying to dodge the Uncanny Valley."

The game releases next Friday in Europe and May 18 in the US for Xbox 360.

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Thanks, Eurogamer.

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