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2K Marin: There's no "dead weight" on BioShock 2 team


2K Marin creative director Jordan Thomas has claimed there are no weak links in his BioShock 2 team. You'd kind of hope so.

"We started to very slowly, and through a very stringent interview process, bring in the top talent in the Bay Area, and cherry pick, essentially," he told Gamespot, talking of the process of setting up the studio with a seed team from 2K Boston.

"I'm now very proud of the group we put together. There's really no dead weight, and I'm consistently surprised by their talent, and their passion for BioShock."

Thomas added: "The minds that shaped the 2K Australia studio and 2K Marin were kind of a child that came out of 2K Boston and beyond, and 2K as a whole, frankly."

There's some on-screen dev stuff of BioShock 2 in the movie after the break, if textureless models of large-nosed men do it for you.

There's also talk of 4.00am videoconferencing with 2K's Australian studio. It's tough at the top, bucko. Watch and see after the break, but be warned: there's a few BioShock 1 spoilers in there.

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