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BioShock 2 temporarily removed from online marketplaces

BioShock 2 has been temporarily removed from online marketplaces, but don't worry: it will return "soon," according to 2K Games.

The game's DLC was also removed from online stores last week, per this Steam thread, but it appears all will return at some point.

"BioShock 2 has been temporarily removed from the Steam, Xbox Live, and PlayStation Network marketplaces and will return to these digital stores soon, a 2K representative told Polygon.

"We'll let you know when that happens. In the meantime, this in no way affects the single-player or multiplayer experience for those who currently own BioShock 2."

Like most games which are pulled and then returned to online marketplaces such as PSN, Steam, and XBL, it can usually be attributed to a licensing issue. Three examples of such occurrences are: Doom 3, Aliens: Colonial Marines and Aliens vs Predator 2010, all of which were pulled from Steam before being put back on the marketplace.

Via Reddit.

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