And it’s goodnight from her: the 10 biggest news stories of 2014

By Staff, Monday, 22 December 2014 09:04 GMT

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PS4 leads US console sales for 10 months in a row

kaz is pleased

It would be easy for Sony to claim current-gen market dominance in North America going by NPD figures. From the start of January 2014, the console outsold its competitor, Xbox One, every month through October. Finally, in November, Xbox One knocked the crown off PS4’s head.

NPD figures for November proved knocking $50 off the console’s price in time for Black Friday and Cyber Monday was a smart idea on Microsoft’s part. Come January 2015, not only will Christmas figures be released, but so will the full year-end report and the numbers will undoubtedly be very interesting.

While Microsoft topped the charts almost every month during last-gen’s heyday in North America, Sony was the favored console in Europe. That being said, lifetime sales for both PlayStation 3 and Xbox 360 are neck-and-neck as of 2014: both have sold over 80 million units each worldwide.

Unfortunately, both Microsoft and Sony have stopped reporting individual consoles figures in financial reports so we may never know the exact figure. With sales roughly even between PS3 and Xbox 360, we expect something similar with this console generation. Xbox One will correct itself in the market as times goes on, but no console is likely to ever top PlayStation 2 as king of all consoles: 155 million units sold worldwide (give or take) is tough to beat.

Nintendo? As of October 2014 its current-gen offering has sold 7.29 million units since it was released in 2012. Wii U’s predecessor, Wii, sold 101.23 million units worldwide, spanking both PS3 and Xbox 360 and making them sit in the corner for a time out.

#gamergate tore video games apart


Where to begin? The #gamergate hashtag attracted and amplified so many extremes. It was (is?) a hate movement against women, a complaint movement against video games, a giant accusation that established games media is inherently corrupt.

The industry tried to stand up to it, calling for more diversity in games, more politics and discussion, more critical thinking. But all that was crushed by the sheer noise of the #gamergate hashtag. There were violence, rape and bomb threats on a weekly basis. Whatever intentions were buried in it were swamped by the anger.

It made headline news outside of the games press, and once again the mainstream entertainment industry looked at video games with disdain. What are these idiots (everyone, not just anyone hijacking a hashtag) fighting over? Video games.

Just video games.

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