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Hey, games publishers! Players are laughing at your p**s-poor quality control

Ubisoft and Microsoft are the latest companies to release games that are being ripped apart by the community.

Those new releases you've been hyped for? The games the press has been fawning over for months? They play nothing like has been promised.

Here's a screen grab from Assassin's Creed: Unity. The actual game released in shops. The one you pay real money for.


Here's another. This is worth £50, $60 of your hard earned cash. Or more if you went for the special limited edition.


Where the f**k is the quality control? I complained about the state of p**s poor online services last week, and this week we looked at the extortionate prices of digital games on PSN and Xbox Live.

Players have a right to be upset. They also have a right to laugh at the terrible quality of your releases. Look at this guy laughing at the state of Halo: The Master Chief Collection.

"Is this real?" It is, yeah. It's only funny because it's true, as Homer Simpson once said.

Look at this list of Halo problems the community has put together.

All that money pumped into the games creation machine and publishers are churning out games unfit for purpose. And days after release Twitter, Facebook, Youtube and other social channels are full of images showing games in their true, glitchy, light. Those share functions on new consoles go both ways.

When players aren't rightly complaining they're publicly pointing and laughing at the future of entertainment.

The all-important financial world can see this shoddy approach to new releases, too. Ubisoft has been publicly spanked by its own shareholders after the release of Unity. Forbes is calling Ubisoft "the new EA".

Assassin's Creed: Unity is the new Battlefield 4.

Ubisoft says it's aware of "issues" with Unity. But these issues didn't magically appear on release day. These glitches and frame-rate drops were in the game Ubisoft signed off and green lit for release weeks ago.

The makers of Halo are sorry for the problems in their game, but publishers like Microsoft are putting out unfinished products regardless.

Publishers need to sort their releases out. Slow down. Focus on better quality. Because right now, the people who buy these games and the people who fund these games are laughing so hard at the shocking levels of quality control and the excuses given just don't cut it.

You're only as good as your last game. And your last game looks terrible.

Assassin's Creed images. Thanks to BingeGaming dotTV and RSP for the videos.

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