Third-person Action

Rockstar North posts job listings, mentions “third-person action game”

CC‘s spotted a dozen job postings going up from Rockstar North, with one of them looking for “experience developing a third-person action game.”

Third-person Action headlines

  • IGN: MadWord is a "Wii game of the year" contender

    IGN is filled to the brim with exclusive MadWorld goodies, including the two minutes of “never-before-seen direct-feed footage” that we posted earlier. The site says that the game is a contender for Wii Game of the Year, and includes an “addictive balance of fun, bloody fights and surprisingly compelling narrative”. There’s also some exclusive art […]

  • MadWorld trailer: Jack takes no prisoners in Asia Town

    A chainsaw to the gut, decapitations, puddles of blood, bashing folks against tress, and loads of running around to hip-hop music grace the latest MadWorld video. Watch it after the jump. The Platinum Wii exclusive is out March 10.

  • Dante's Inferno is "God of War meets Dead Space" says PSM3

    First real details have surfaced on EA Redwood Studio’s multi-platform third-person action title, Dante’s Inferno. Dante Alighieri’s adventures through the nine circles of Hell will be a mixture of God of War meets Dead Space, according to a PSM3 article, with the protagonist facing off against crosses spewing lava, demons and other nasty denizens as […]