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The Witcher 3: Echoes of the Past walkthrough

Here's how to complete the Echoes of the Past quest in The Witcher 3.

Yennefer is shown clutching her fist beside a raven in The Witcher 3 artwork
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The Echoes of the Past quest reminds The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt players that Yennefer doesn't care much for other people's concerns when she is focused on a goal. In this quest, you'll be investigating a magic catacylism that we suspect Ciri might've had something to do with.

If you need some help navigating the woods, here's how to complete the Echoes of the Past quest in The Witcher 3.

The Witcher 3: Echoes of the Past walkthrough

If you’re coming directly from the last quest in The Witcher 3, you'll notice that Roach is waiting for you – but first avail yourself of the services of the nearby blacksmith and armourer. You can ride Roach to your destination along the road, unlocking many points of interest along the way, or, if you purchased the guide books, fast travel to Redgill. If you decide to ride, watch for quest markers and notice boards as well as the usual opportunities to clear markers.

When you reach the waypoint you’ll find Yennefer and Ermion are having an amazing row. Can’t wait to jump in there, hey? Ah, ha, ha. As you chat with Ermion about the mask, Yennefer gets sick of hanging about and gets on with it.

Apply Necrophage Oil, if you like, then chase Ermion down the slope and head for Yennefer at the waypoint. Fight off the two Foglets and she’ll explain her plan.

Follow Yennefer until she prompts you to use the Mask of Uroboros, then hit R1/RB to don it. Don’t move far away from her, and don’t take the mask off until you’re ready to move to the next spot; Geralt should take it off automatically.

You’ll be attacked by another Foglet at the next mask spot. Once you've viewed the scene, another Foglet awaits before the next mask point, and one more after you’ve viewed the next scene. One last mask scene awaits you, as well as a tremendous scold from Ermion.

Up next, you'll need to search for the body that Geralt saw in one of his visions; use your Witcher Senses near the fallen tree and Geralt will ask Yennefer to assist. Stand on her left as she obliges for a bit of amusing dialogue.

After a chat about what you find, you can choose to be transported instantly to the start of the next quest, Missing Persons, or say you’ll meet Yennefer there to make your own way. There’s a boat not far off, which you can use to sail east, or you can fast travel to Larvik if you bought the guidebooks.

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