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The Witcher 3: To Bait A Forktail... walkthrough

Here's how to complete the To Bait A Forktail... quest in The Witcher 3.

In the To Bait A Forktail quest in The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt, you'll be tasked with helping Eskel hunt down a Forktail for Yennefer. This is one of multiple subquests that complete the Ugly Baby quest, and if you've been following our walkthrough, this will be the last of them that you need to complete.

To give you a helping hand hunting down that Forktail and finishing the questline off, here's our guide on how to complete the To Bait A Forktail... quest in The Witcher 3.

The Witcher 3: To Bait A Forktail... walkthrough

Your witcher colleague is easy to track from the Kaer Morhen signpost in The Witcher 3. Once you’ve found his trail once, just follow the road, crossing the stream. You only need to check in with Witcher Senses every now and then, to keep the search waypoint current.

Eventually, the trail splits off to a campsite. Search it carefully to score some Enhanced Draconid Oil if you don’t have that already. Apply it now.

You can follow footprints from here, but they soon peter out. Look for a tree by the trail, diagonally opposite the campsite across the road, to find a little patch of goat fur. You can follow this scent until you can hear the bleating of the goat.

Shortly after you arrive, the Forktail does too. Use Aard or Axii to stun it and give it a whack, then back off and repeat. With two of you bashing at it, it soon gives up and flies away.

Run after the Forktail, pausing to use Witcher Senses to find its blood when it gets out of sight. Climb the ledges and hug the right wall as you follow its bleeding trail to its lair. Inside, battle the Forktail and loot its corpse.

Outside, Eskel challenges you to a race. Accept and beat the pants off him; it’s not hard if you’ve been upgrading your saddles along the way. Use standard racing tactics; slow down in any choke points and muscle your opponent a little so he can’t pass you, then sprint off when your stamina refills. The trickiest points are remembering to turn, rather than cross, at the first stream, and getting Roach onto the bridge and through the gatehouse at Kaer Morhen. Roach may shy a few times, too, so be ready to spur her back into action. If you win, you can accept a prize from Eskel.

If you've been following our directions, you'll now be ready to finish off Ugly Baby, so return there. If not, tick off Disturbance or The Final Trial.

Having completed your three tasks, follow your waypoint to the main hall to automatically begin No Place Like Home.

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