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You can beat Resident Evil 7 in 93 minutes - or at least this guy can, but he's pretty good at it

Resident Evil 7 isn't overly long but it must be said this isn't the normal way to experience it.

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Resident Evil 7 speedrunner uhTrance has bested his previous world records to establish an amazing new benchmark for the horror hit.

Clocking in at 1:33:16, the playthrough above is officially the fastest new game plus, any percentage Resident Evil 7 run uploaded to date. The record probably won't hold for very long, as uhTrance himself has set and broken multiple records over the past week.

If you yourself, would like to get through the game in the shortest possible time, consider consulting our Resident Evil 7 guide and walkthrough to speed you through the puzzles and battles.

Resident Evil 7 has only been out for about a week and already players have devoured it and are hungry for new content. The first DLC pack dropped yesterday, with another coming in February.

If appetite for the clever blend of old and new school horror continues a pace, Capcom may have to revise its original, fairly modest DLC plans and get some more chapters out there to satisfy hungry Resident Evil 7 fans. That said, we don't know how big the third drop will be yet, or even when it's due. Fingers crossed for something meaty to bulk out the season pass.

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