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Vampire the Masquerade: Bloodhunt - Stakeout Quest guide

Get your boots on, we're going sightseeing.

One of the earlier quests in Vampire the Masquerade: Bloodhunt that’ll take you on a long winded journey through Prague is Stakeout. A multi-stage exploratory adventure, this quest requires you to gohunting for quest items in highly contested areas - meaning you’ll have to dodge bullets and scour the enviroment at the same time.

Sounds like a pain? No worries, we’ve created this step-by-step guide on how to complete Stakeout, as well as where to find each quest item and interactable. We’ve split it up into stages in our section menu below, so feel free to skip to the part you’re stuck on to find what you need quickly.

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Stakeout part 1: Scout the Rooftop Restaurant

This step, as well as the following two stages of Stakeout are quite simple, as they just require you to travel to interact with a point on in the open world. Once you’re in game, look at the map and find the Rooftop Restaurant east on the map. At that location on the map, you should also see a red square pointing to your desired location.

Spawn nearby and climb up on top of the buildings in the Rooftop Restaurant zone. The interactable can be found on top of a building there. Refer to the image below for its exact position.

The stakeout location at the rooftop restaurant. Stakeout quest.

Stakeout part 2: Scout the Car Park

Same deal as before, head over to the Car Park north east of the map and travel to the red square in the region. This stage is a little sneaky, as the interactable you’re looking for isn’t in the main structure at the centre of the car park, but on top of the crane towering above it.

Run towards the crane and start climbing up its exterior until you reach the top. There, at it’s southernmost point, you’ll find an interactable.

The scouting location at the car park for the Stakeout quest.

Stakeout part 3: Scout the Abandoned Mall

The final scouting task in this quest chain. You’ll want to make your way over to the abandoned mall north east of Prague and traverse over to the red square on the map. Once there, you’ll want to start climbing up the massive structure at the centre of the mall area.

Once at the top, you’ll find the interactable overlooking the south on a wooden platform. If you’re approaching from the south, it should be hanging high over the coloured shipping containers.

A quest objective found high up in the Prague mall.

Stakeout part 4: Place the Art Gallery Camera

In part four, we’re tasked with placing a camera in a specific location at the Art Gallery. Same as before, you’ll want to track down that illusive red square at the Art Gallery in order to get into proximity of the camera’s final destination.

You can find this spot all the way up on the roof of the Art Gallery, on the corner of the building overlooking the Car Park. This does leave you open to snipers, so watch your head!

The camera location at the Art Gallery for the Stakeout quest.

Stakeout part 5: Place the Car Park Camera

Our second and final camera location can be located inside the Car Park proper, so once again you’ll have to venture into this highly contested zone to continue the quest. Fun!

Boogey over to your good friend the red square and start climbing. The camera location is all the way at the top of the car park, lofted above the zone on a stone pillar that rests on the highest floor of the structure. Again, you’re in prime headshot territory here, so climb up quick and complete the mission objective before heading off.

The camera location at the car park for the Stakeout quest.

Stakeout part 6: Kill three Entity Hunters

Finally, some freedom! The sixth and final step of the Stakeout quest requires you to kill three Entity hunters, which can be found in any Entity camp across Prague. You can find these by the red symbols on the map as you get into a game.

Each camp, regardless of its size, will have at least three hunters guaranteed, so you should be finished after a single visit. Be careful though - even though these are NPC enemies, they can still whittle your health down quickly if you’re not careful.

With those steps completed, you’ll be the proud owner of a new account symbol. Congratulations! For more Bloodhunt guides, check out our beginner’s hub for every guide we’ve written on the game, as well as our interview with the devs: More story, more communication, more content – how Sharkmob plans to support Bloodhunt for years to come.

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