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Tiny Tina’s Wonderlands trailer shows off final classes alongside more gameplay details

Learn more about the Graveborn and Spore Warden classes alongside new looks at environments, enemies, game mechanics, and more.

2K Games and Gearbox Software have revealed the final two classes for Tiny Tina’s Wonderlands as part of a major update detailing an overview of the Multiclass system.

You also get a look at a new character as well as environments and enemies.

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The brand new trailer provides a deeper look at the game, and a third Dev Diary offers more perspectives from the development team.

The class system features a multiclass mechanic that lets you mix and match abilities from six character skill trees. With Stabbomancer, Brr-Zerker, Spellshot, and Clawbringer revealed previously, the Graveborn and Spore Warden round out the classes available at launch in Wonderlands.

Graveborn are Death-touched and sacrifice health to unleash Dark Magic attacks and become the Reaper of Bones. They use their Demi-Lich Companion and sacrificial Action Skills to on their enemies, even at the cost of their own life force. Any spell cast by the Graveborn will cause the Demi-Lich to cast a spell of their own, as well as triggering Kill Skills to summon minions.

Spore Warden make use of nature by summoning tornadoes and can send arcane arrows into enemy lines alongside their toxic Mushroom Companion. They are Gun and Companion specialists that can boost the abilities of companions using plenty of firepower and slowing advancing enemies with Frost Tornadoes.

With the Multiclass system, you can use the powers of two classes. When you start the game, you will choose a a class and as you progress, you'll gain access to the Multiclass system and open up a secondary class slot. This opens up a ton of different character builds. Each class is defined by a permanent Class Feat, two Action Skill, and a skill tree with passive abilities.

Gearbox also provided additional information on two new environments: Crackmast Cover and the Drowned Abyss. The former is a haven for "naval ne'er-do-wells," in other words, pirates. The latter is an area that lies beneath the ocean where the wreckage of broken ships teem with enemies such as Coiled queens which are similar to sirens.

And finally, a new character has been introduced: Bones Three-Wood. The character has a sad backstory. Bones only sails in the most dangerous waters without a crew to keep him company. He guards the southern gate of the Briny Shelf and likes to sing songs.

Tiny Tina’s Wonderlands releases on March 25 across Xbox Series X/S, Xbox One, PS5, PS4, and PC via the Epic Games Store exclusively at launch, and on other PC digital storefronts later in 2022.

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